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Title: On a Weyl Multiplier for Multiple Fourier Series
Other Titles: 多重富氏級數的一個Weyl乘子
Authors: 陳昭地
Issue Date: Jun-1983
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本文主旨在於探討n維平方可積函數空間L2(Tn)上之完全單範直交系統之Weyl乘子問題。我們提出一些滿足算子不等式之系統的一個Weyl乘子,特別地,這個結果推廣了吾人在多重三角或Walsh系統的兩個結果,並有助於一般多重系統的Weyl乘子之解決。
The purpose of this article is to explore a Weyl multiplier for the multiple Fourier series of a certain class of complete orthnormal system. It contains our previous results for a sufficient condition of almost everywhere convergence of the rectangular partial sums for both cases of multiple trignomertric-Fourier series and multiple bounded generalized Walsh-Fourier series.
Other Identifiers: EAACD7D1-724C-F731-99E1-5E577B648E35
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