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Title: 九年一貫課程數學領域能力指標「數與量」、「代數」主題軸第一、二階段表現標準適切性評估之研究
Other Titles: Evaluating the Applicability of Mathematics Performance Standards with a Competence Indicator System
Authors: 杜佳真
Issue Date: Apr-2007
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究以九年一貫課程數學領域暫行綱要為例,利用Angoff(1971)所提出的表現標準設定程序和得懷術技術來評估由研究者重組之第一、二階段「數與 量」和「代數」主題軸之數學基本能力表現標準的適切性。依據三階段程序進行,第一階段為準備階段,主要為學生實徵資料的收集和專家的邀集;第二階段為執行 階段,主要進行三回合專家評估;第三階段為後續階段,主要以描述專家評估結果和收集專家回饋意見為主。經過15 位專家代表進行3 次評估問卷,結果發現:第一階段能力指標所指陳的學生表現標準較合乎我國學生的實徵結果,第二階段能力指標所指陳的表現標準較為簡單。
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the Taiwanese students’ performance in math, specifically in regard to number/quantity and algebra. In order to complete the study the researchers used the Delphi method to set the performance standards.The process of setting performance standards consisted of three stages. Stage 1, the preparatory stage, where as in essential background information about the exam which the participants required to take was provided by 15 experts.Stage 2 was the modified stage, those experts modified their evaluations according to the students’ performance test. In stage 3, the final stage, the results of the evaluations were analyzed by the experts. The three separate evaluations demonstrated that the stage-one competence indicator was correlated with existing data we collected from our participants. In contrast, the result of the stage-two competence indicator did not correlate so closely with the performance standard.
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