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Title: 大學圖書館員職場學習之研究
Other Titles: Librarians' Informal Learning in the Workplace
Authors: 李藹慈
Issue Date: Oct-2006
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 職場環境中,圖書館員,做為資訊專業人員,需要不斷充實新知,學習新技能,才能滿足讀者的需求,提升服務的品質。 本研究目的即在於探討大學圖書館員在職場中的學習歷程,採用質性研究設計,選取國內兩所大學圖書館十八名館員,以訪談法及觀察法針對工作中學習的內容、學 習的引發、學習的方式與來源、影響學習的因素等,進行資料的蒐集、分析與實務理論的建構。 研究結果發現圖書館員的學習建構於工作之中;所學習到的內容包括技術性/功能性的知能、人際溝通的知能、自我的知能、以及文化的知能;同時,館員運用多元 的資源與策略進行學習;組織內成員互相支持、願意分享的活絡文化有助於學習;最後,館長的領導風格與實務形塑組織的學習文化。本研究並針對圖書館員、圖書 館長、圖書館主任提出建議。
Since the explosion in knowledge and technological innovation have drastically changed the characteristics of the workplace, learning has become essential to surviving changes. Librarians, as information professionals, need to take advantage of every learning opportunity in order to ensure that their knowledge and skills can fit the continually changing environment in which they work. The purposes of the study were to explore what and how librarians learn in the workplace, to investigate the contextual factors that promote or impede their learning, and to analyze the impacts of their learning on both individuals and the workplace itself. A qualitative method was employed in this study. 18 librarians in two university libraries in Taiwan were interviewed and observed in their daily work routine, and a substantive theory of work and learning in the workplace was developed. The results showed that librarians do learn from their everyday work activities: learning and work converge in the workplace. Even though they come to the workplace with a body of knowledge and skills in the library science field, on the job they still gain much knowledge and many skills which are not taught in the library education program. Librarians primarily learn in an informal way, particularly through interaction with others. The skills they learn at work can be divided into four areas: instrumental competencies, communicative competencies, reflective competencies, and cultural competencies. Librarians, this study indicates, are able to utilize multiple sources and strategies in the learning process. These include talking to people, reading journals or other materials, referring to files, searching on the Internet, drawing on prior experiences, learning by doing, learning from mistakes, and learning from observing. Their learning process is influenced by the organizational culture and leadership style of the library directors. Finally, several suggestions for future research were also present
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