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Title: 掬碗兒
Other Titles: Mending Broken Bowls
Authors: 吳讓農
Issue Date: Jun-1989
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 掬碗兒是現在已經絕跡的行業,是個小生意。在四五十年以前,在馬路邊常常會看到的。就像磨刀的、修雨傘的、修皮鞋的一樣。雖然是個微不足道的行業,確叫人不僅是思古,就是他那操作以及所使用的工具,處處也都能讚嘆不以:「中國人的巧思、巧手」。
Mending broken bowls was a trade no longer in existence. Though it was only a small practice, yet it could be seen quite often on the streets forty or fifty years ago, like sharpening knives, mending umbrellas, or repairing shoes. Though it was a trivial business, it surely reminded us of the old times. The menders' skill, the tools they used, everything provoked admiration for the clever thoughts of the Chinese.
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