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Title: 一位化學老師實施探究教學的歷程與省思之個案研究
Other Titles: A Case Study of Investigating a Chemistry Teacher' Practice and Reflection on Implementing Inquiry Teaching: An Activity of the Volcanic Eruption
Authors: 陳均依
Issue Date: Dec-2008
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究係一個三年期教師專業成長計畫的一部分,旨在探討一位化學教師的探究教學實務知識,以及其實施探究教學的歷程與省思。資料收集的方式包括:晤談、專業成長會議的錄影錄音、課室觀察與文件資料等,並使用詮釋學的研究方法,進行資料分析,以形成研究主張。研究發現個案教師認為探究教學須以學生為中心,考量學生的先備知識與能力,設計學生能力所及的探究教學活動,俾讓學生透過「重建模型」的方式,在觀察、實驗設計與製作模型的歷程中,發展科學探究知能。個案教師基於前述的認知設計「火山爆發」教學活動,並由教學成效發現學生樂於參與探究教學,亦能學習相關的科學知能,且個案教師也因為獲得學生的正向回饋,而願意持續實施探究教學。
This study was a part of a three-year long professional development project for teachers to carry out inquiry teaching. A chemistry teacher was investigated in this study. His practical knowledge of inquiry teaching as well as the classroom practice and reflection on implementing inquiry teaching were examined. The data were gathered by interviews, classroom observations, meeting records and artifacts. After data analyzed, several categories and propositions were emerged. It was found that the case teacher regarded inquiry teaching as the processes of observing phenomena as well as designing and conducting experiments, called “reconstruct model”. Both of students’ prior knowledge and competence should be considered to design the activity of “volcanic eruption”. The results showed that students enjoyed engaging in inquiry teaching and learned scientific conceptions and abilities. Furthermore, the case teacher indicated that he acquired confidence and support from his students and was willing to continue implementing inquiry teaching.
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