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Title: N ﹣甲基﹣甲硫基秋水仙的葡萄糖與甘露糖衍生物之合成
Other Titles: Synthesis of Glucosyl and Mannosyl Derivatives of N-Methylmethylhiocolghicine
Authors: 廖焜熙
Issue Date: Jun-1990
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 秋水仙素經五步驟反應合成了N-甲基-N-去乙醯-甲硫基秋水仙,為增強其水溶性,取該化合物與葡萄糖及甘露糖反應,合成了新化合物:N-甲基 -N-(D-葡糖基)-N-去乙醯-甲硫基秋水仙(7)及N-甲基-N-(D-甘露糖基)-N-去乙醯-甲硫基秋水仙(8);將此兩化合物乙醯化,得到了 N-甲基-(四-氧-乙醯基-D-葡糖基)-N-去乙醯-甲硫基秋水仙(9)及N-甲基-N-(四-氧-乙醯基-D-甘露糖基)-N-去乙醯-甲硫基秋水仙(10),以NMR分析其結構,其生理活性尚待試驗。
Four new glycosyl derivatives 7-10 of N-methyl-methylthiocblchicine have been prepared from colchicine through an intermediate N-methyl-N-deacetyl-methylthiocolchicine (6) and ex-amined by NMR and MS techniques. The water solubility of new compounds is increased due to the glycosyl mioety.
Other Identifiers: DF7B5734-82CC-F64E-E301-CC6236FC9529
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