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Title: 教育改革對教師專業認同之影響
Other Titles: The Influence of Educational Reform on Teachers' Professional Identities: An Exploratory Study of Five Junior High School Teachers
Authors: 楊巧玲
Issue Date: Apr-2008
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 教育改革頻仍,教師專業自主、專業成長常被倡議、強調,但是教師在教育改革中如何重新認識自己的專業,卻極少受到關注。本研究旨在探究教育改革如何影響教 師的專業認同,透過五位年資十年以上的國中教師的言說,本文發現隨著教育改革對教師專業的持續重行定義,包括工作內容、形式與對象,教師的專業認同不斷形 塑、解構、重建,這與多數學者對認同所持的看法一致,亦即認同不再只是個體的內在特質,而是個體在社會情境中持續建構的過程,值得注意的是,認同除了具流 動性、矛盾性,也具一致性,已有學者指出人們終其一生都在為個人特質的持續性而努力,教師的專業認同亦然。根據研究結果,本文針對研究主題與方法進行討 論,針對教育實務與研究提出建議。
New educational reform initiatives emerge very often. While the professional autonomy and development of teachers are advocated and emphasized, the question of how teachers understand their profession has rarely been raised. This study aims to inquire into how educational reform influences teachers’ professional identities. Based on talks with five junior high school teachers with 10 or more years of service, this study found that teachers constantly shape, deconstruct and reconstruct their professional identities in part because educational reforms repeatedly redefine the teaching profession, including its content, form and “audience.” This finding concurs with the contemporary view of identity, which sees identity as not a combination of individual characteristics but as an on-going process of social construction. It is noteworthy, however, that identity has consistency in addition to mobility, complexity and even self-contradictoriness. Many researchers have pointed out that people strive throughout their life for consistent characters, and teachers prove to be no exception. Based on the research results, the author further discusses the subjects and the method ology of this study, and makes some suggestions for the improvement of educational practice and for future research.
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