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Title: 大學生的健康信念、飲食相關自我效能與飲食行為研究
Other Titles: Health Beliefs, Diet-related Self-efficacy, and Diet Behavior of the College Students
Authors: 黃淑貞
Issue Date: Oct-1999
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究的主要目的係探討個人自覺罹患疾病的可能性和嚴重性與實行良好飲食行為可能得到的利益和障礙及實行的自信心與個人飲食行為的相關。母群體係某國立大學日間部八十二學年度註冊之全體學生共5241人,以分層系統抽樣方式抽取505位樣本從事問卷調查。結果發現:(一)、大學生飲食行為未臻理想:「吃宵夜」與「吃零食」的情形甚為普遍,「吃糙米飯、全麥食品」頻率較低,「喝含糖飲料」、「吃口味較鹹食物」、「添加調味料」及「吃油炸食品」等頻率較高。(二)、性別因素與攝取良好飲食行為有顯著相關。(三)、自覺可能罹患疾病和自覺實行良好飲食行為可得到的好處及可能阻礙以及實行良好飲食行為的自信心均與攝取飲食行為有顯著相關。研究者並對培養大學生飲食行為之教育介入及未來研究方向提出建議。
The main purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of psychosocial factors such as perceived susceptibility, severity, barrier, self-efficacy on diet behavior. The population of this study was 5,241 students who registered in a university in the fall term of 1993 .Five hundred and five students were drawn by using the stratified systematic method as the sample. They filled out the self-administered questionnaires on both the first and the second wave surveys. The data of the independent variables were collected on the first wave and the dependent variable was collected on the second wave. The results were: (1) the students did not eat sensibily. Many students ate at late night or between meals and took unhealthful food with high sugar, high fiber and fried food and with low fiber. (2) The psychosocial factors that were associated with diet behavior were perceived susceptibility, perceived barrier, benefit and situational self-efficacy of taking good diet. (3) Females ate more sensibly than males. Both the psychosocial and sociodemographic variables accounted for 18% of the variance of dependent variables. Methods of educational intervention and direction for future study are proposed.
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