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Title: 產業界CAMD人力所需能力目錄之研究
Other Titles: A Study of Competency Inventory for Industrial CAMD Technicians
Authors: 康鳳梅
Issue Date: Oct-2001
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 工程圖是產業界對於任何產品在研發設計、生產製造及品管銷售等過程中最主要的依據之一,工程圖的表現方式由傳統的徒手畫、儀器畫,隨著電腦科技在硬體與軟體研發的迅速進步,電腦輔助製圖(Computer Aided Drawing ,簡稱CAD)也逐漸普及,而成為工程製圖的重要能力;產業界在推展自動化的過程中,則大量應用電腦設備與各類推陳出新的專業製圖套裝軟體,以達成精確與效率製圖的目的。 CAD是用電腦來輔助繪製工程圖,機械工程圖是工程圖的一部份,為建構符合產業需求的技術人力,本研究僅就CAD在機械產業上的應用概況,以建構電腦輔助機械製圖(Computer Aided Mechanical Drawing ,簡稱CAMD)之能力目錄。經問卷調查、實際訪談、以及專家座談等方式進行後,分析歸納建構出機械產業界CAMD技術人力所需之能力目錄,此項能力目錄類分一般製圖、專業製圖及電腦操作等三個工作項目,而一般製圖又可分為零件圖、組合圖與立體分解系統圖等三類;以所需之主要能力項目為主,分析歸納得十五項,其中一般製圖有九項、專業製圖有四項、電腦操作則有二項,就所需認知能力方面,經認知理論分析得知知識項目在一般製圖中有四十七項、專業製圖中有十六項及電腦操作中則有十八項, 在產業界CAMD人力所需之知識項目共計八十一項。
Engineering Drawing is one of the most essential foundations on which the industrial sector initiates the research and development, design, manufacturing, quality control and distribution of its products. Thanks to the rapid advances in the development of computer software and hardware, the representation of engineering drawing has progressed from traditional manual and instrumental drawing to computer aided drawing (CAD), which has become increasingly prevalent as one of the fundamental abilities in engineering drawing. As the industrial sector is working toward overall automation, a wide variety of computer equipment and innovative professional drawing software packages are applied in the process in order to achieve more accurate and efficient drawing. CAD uses computer to assist engineering drafting. As mechanical drawing is an integral part of engineering drawing, the study, based on the general applications of CAD in mechanical industry, aims to construct a competency inventory in computer aided mechanical drawing (CAMD) so as to build a profile of technical talent needed by the industrial sector. In this paper we developed a competency inventory for CAMD technicians in the mechanical sector by conducting interviews, questionnaire surveys, and panel discussions. It is then concluded that CAMD involves three tasks: general drawing, professional drawing, and computer operation. The task of general drawing may be further divided into parts drawing, assembly drawing, and exploded pictorial drawing. In addition, there are a total of 15 competencies required in CAMD technicians; nine for general drawing, four for professional drawing and two for computer operation. The analysis based on the cognitive theory concluded that a total of 81 knowledge items are involved in CAMD; 47 for general drawing, 16 for professional drawing, and 18 for computer operation.
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