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Title: 契約學習法在「國父思想」教學中的試驗
Other Titles: An Experimentation of Using Learning Contracts on Teaching the Course Entitled "Sun Yat-Sen's Thoughts"
Authors: 張秀雄
Issue Date: Jun-1992
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 契約學習法的特色在學生主控整個學習活動,從學習日標的選擇、學習計畫的擬訂,到執行學習活動、評量學習結果等,都由學生擔負大部分責任。它充分提供學生思考的空間,適應個別學生的學習步調,讓學生依其喜歡的方式從事學習。整個學習活動以學生為中心,學生有自我實現、成就及被尊重的感覺,正合當前我國大學生心理傾向。由於契約學習法能滿足成人學生的學習需求及自尊心,已被廣泛使用於美、加、澳等國的成人教育課程與高等教育學府。他山之石,可以攻錯。 本項試驗之目的在探討契約學習法在「國父思想」教學中的可行性。作者首先討論本項試驗的社會背景及契約學習法的理論假設,其次界定學習契約的格式和設計學習契約的步驟。同時,作者亦討論契約學習法的優點與限制,以及適合使用學習契約的學習情境。 作者根據Knowles的自導式學習模式設計本項契約學習試驗的過程。三十七位大一學生在作者指導下從事十六週的契約學習活動。學期結束,百分之八十九的學生表示對契約學習有興趣,百分之六十五的學生覺得比傳統的班級教學得較多。從學生之反應觀之,契約學習法在「國父思想」教學中的可行性甚為明確。
The purpose of this experimentation is to explore the possibility of using contract learning on teaching the course-Sun Yat-Sen's Thoghts. At first, the author discussed the social background of this experimentation and theorectic hypotheses of contract learning, then defined the form and steps of developing a learning contract. Besides, adventages and limitations of contract learning and suitable sitautions for using a learning contract were also stated. The author developed a process of contract learning for the experimentation according to Malcom S. Knowles' self-directed learning model. A sixteen week's intervention was conducted by this author and thirty-seven freshman students employed learning contracts to conduct their learning activities. At the end of the intervention, 89% students indicated that they were interested in contract learning situation; 65% students felt that they learned more than the raditional classes. From the students' reactions, it will be possible to apply learning contracts to this course.
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