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Title: 蠟類對於羰基鐵粉末射出成型製程的影響
Other Titles: Effects of Waxes on the Injection Molding of Carbonyl Iron Powder
Authors: 許貫中
Issue Date: Jun-1994
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究在於探討三種蠟,即石蠟(PW)、巴西蠟(cw)、和胺蠟(AW)之特性,以及對於炭基鐵粉/聚乙烯樹脂(LDPE)系統在射出成型過程中的影響。實驗結果顯示:在混練方面,AW系與CW系之胚體中發現LDPE分子有較明顯的聚集析出的現象。三種蠟系的胚料均屬擬塑性流體:AW或CW系胚料較PW系,表現的流動性較差、擬塑性較佳。PW系所得的生胚較易產生毛邊。各蠟系在脫脂及燒結後均可得完整表面的胚體,就燒結品的拉伸強度來講,以PW系為最高,其次依序為CW系、AW系。
This research is to study the effect of the characteristics of three waxes, namely paraffin wax(PW), carnauba wax(CW) and acrawax(AW), onthe ijection molding of carbonyl iron powder/low-density polyethylene(LDPE) mixtures. The rasults indicate that some LDPE molecules werefound easier to be aggregated and separated in the mixture containing either AW or CW. The feedstocks of all wax systems show pseudoplastic behavior. Both AW and CW systems appear to exhibit worse fluidity andbetter pseudoplasticity than the PW system. Burrs might appear in the green parts of the PW system. The specimens of all wax systems, after debinding and sintering, show good surface appearance, The PW system exphibits the highest tensile strength in the resulting sintered parts, followedby CW and AW systems.
Other Identifiers: CA70CC60-1EAD-1C6A-0563-930FC5CA586D
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