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Title: 高職學生技術創造力指標建構之研究
Other Titles: The Development of Technological Creativity Indicators for Vocational High School Students
Authors: 吳明雄
Issue Date: Dec-2008
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究目的在建構高職學生技術創造力指標,以提供培育高職學生技術創造力之參考。首先針對獲得全國性技術類比賽優勝團體進行訪談,整理分析高職學生之技術 創造力相關內涵,藉此發展技術創造力指標檢核表,以提供兩組專家群(高職教師組與大學教授組)進行精釋研究。研究結果建構出 63 項高職學生技術創造力指標,分為人格特質、環境、學習、能力、思考歷程、作品等六個構面,並發現人格特質與思考歷程二項構面為技術創造力最重要之指標,其 次為能力、環境與學習三項構面指標,最後為作品構面指標。
The purpose of this study was to establish technology creativity indicaors for the references in cultivating technology creativity of vocational high school students. First of all, to draw and deploy the technology creativity indexes by interview and survey with the winners of the National Technology Contest. Then, expert meetings (vocational high school teacher experts and scholar specialists) were applied to modify these indicators. This study proposes six dimensions that influence the structure of technology creativity by means of literature review that are: personality, place, learning, ability, thinking process, and product. The result of this study is finally built 63 technology creativity indexes and found that the technology creative indicators of most important are personality and thinking process dimensions, ability, place, and learning dimensions are the next. Product dimensions is the last.
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