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Title: 我國國民中小學學校行政規則現況之探討
Other Titles: The School Rulemaking in Elementary and Junior High Schools in Taiwan
Authors: 葉連祺
Issue Date: Oct-2001
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 提升學校法制作業品質為推動教育改革的重要策略之一,故有必要探討國民中小學進行法制作業需面臨的課題,並調查實施現況和學校人員的看法,以期發現問題,提出解決之道。本文首先分析相關文獻,探討有關學校自訂規定的課題,包括法令的統稱、使用名稱、分類、訂定程序等,並嘗試提出若干具參考價值的構想。其次,使用調查法,自編問卷,探討五項學校法制作業議題的現況、學校行政人員看法、以及和學校背景變項的關聯性,有效樣本為124所臺、澎、金、馬地區的國民中小學。調查結果發現:多數學校使用很少的法制作業配合措施,認為必要訂定較多關於組織類和事務類的規定,也使用很少的法令名稱。總結而言,本研究發現現有一些現象值得注意,分別是對學校自訂規定無統一名稱,未有對學校自訂規定的完整規範,少數學校不了解和不重視學校法制作業,學校背景變項和學校法制作業有關。最後,研究者提出對國民中小學、主管教育行政機關、師資培育機構、後續研究等方面的多項建議,以供參考。
To improve the quality of legislation in school is one of the important strategies for educational reform. It is necessary to study the related issues, practical conditions, and school administrators' opinions about school rulemaking in elementary and junior high schools. Firstly, we reviewed the literature to study some important issues, which include the terminology of school law, classification of law, and procedure of rulemaking, and tried to propose several valuable ideas. Secondly, we used self-made questionnaires to explore the practical conditions in five topics about school rulemaking, school administrators' opinions, and the relations between school rulemaking and school background variables. The assessable samples were 124 elementary and junior high schools. The result showed that most schools used few tactics, most school administrators argued to need more school laws about organization and affair, most schools used few terminology of law. In sum, we proposed several noticeable phenomena that it had no uniform terminology about school law, it had incomplete procedure about school rulemaking, few schools had less understanding and attention upon school rulemaking, school background variables were relative to school rulemaking. Finally, we proposed some suggestions to elementary and junior high schools, administrative agencies, teacher education organizations, and researchers.
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