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Title: 道德教育與民主理想
Other Titles: Democracy and Moral Education
Authors: 王開府
Issue Date: Jun-1987
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本文由杜威以民主改造教育、以教育實現民主的理念,進一步透過對「民主」「道德」「教育」「自律」等概念之分析,肯定道德教育與民主理想之間的密切關係。「民主」,作為一種手段來看,固然是實現道德所必需;作為一種目的來看,它更是一種道德理想。本文認為民主觀念的充分運用,有助於道德教育之進展;而以道德自律為目標的道德教育,對增進國民民主素養,實現民主理想,有積極之貢獻。本文並檢討所謂「校國民主」與「校國倫理」之涵義,認為二者不僅不致背道而馳 M,反能相得益彰,有助於道德教育及民主理想之實現。
In this article, we discuss John Dewey's thoughts on "Democracy and Education", and then analyze some concepts, such as "Democracy", "Morality", "Education" and "'Autonomy". We assert .that there is connection between moral education and democracy. As a means, democracy is essential to the fulfilment of morality; as an end, it itself is a moral ideal. The application of the idea of democracy is beneficial to the development of moral education; and moral education, which aims at developing moral autonomy, is contributory to the actualization of democracy, We also discuss the concepts of "Democracy on Campus" and "Campus' Ethics", which, as we think, are compatible, not incompatible with each other, and both of them are helptul to the realization of moral education and democratic ideals.
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