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Title: 中、小學學生對生物腐化原因的想法類型
Other Titles: Primary and Secondary Students' Conceptual Patterns Regarding "Decay"
Authors: 游淑媚
Issue Date: Oct-2003
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究目的在探討中、小學學生對生物腐化原因的想法類型。利用自行開發之晤談工具、開放性問卷及雙層診斷工具,探討中、小學學生對生物腐化原因的想法類型。研究對象為中部地區中、小學學生,晤談個案40人,開放性問卷施測275人,及雙層診斷工具施測1266人。研究結果顯示中、小學學生對生物腐化原因的想法持有「自然因素」、「動物消費」、「物理因素」、「同化分解概念」及「分解者分解」五種想法類型;中學生對分解者於腐化過程中的「同化分解概念」,可再細分成四種想法類型。未學生生態概念之小學生較多持「自然因素」與「物理因素」想法類型;中學生之「同化分解概念」想法類型在國中與高中年段的分佈趨勢不同,國中生有較高比例持「使物質變爛供土壤吸收」想法類型;高中生則較國中生有較高比例持「排泄無機物質」想法類型。研究結果可供相關生態概念課程編輯、教師教學及學生學習生態概念之參考。
The purpose of this study was to investigate 4th-11th grade students' conceptual patterns with regard to "decay" in central Taiwan. The subjects included 40 students for the interview task. 275 for the open-ended questionnaires and 1266 for a two-tier multiple-choice diagnostic test; they were selected from elementary, junior and senior high schools in central Taiwan. A semi-structured interview task, open-ended questionnaires and two-tier multiple-choice diagnostic instrument were developed and conducted by a group of elementary and secondary school science teachers. Interview data and open-ended questionnaires were coded and analyzed. The two-tier multiple-choice diagnostic tests were analyzed by SPSS10.0. Results identified five conceptual patterns regarding decay: (1)natural phenomena; (2)being eaten by animals; (3)the influence of physical factors such as sunlight, air, and water; (4)assimilated decay conceptions; and (5)complete decay conceptions. Secondary students having assimilated conceptions of decay could be divided into four patterns. 4th-6th grade students tend to manifest (1)natural-phenomena and (2)devoured-by-animals conceptual patterns. 7th-11th grade students tend to manifest (4)assimilated-decay conceptual patterns.
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