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Title: 從學校組織權力弔詭管理觀點建構學校組織變革模式
Other Titles: The Construction of the Model of Organizational Change in Schools through the Perspective of Management of Power Paradox in School Organizations
Authors: 黃乃熒
Issue Date: Oct-2001
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本文旨在從學校組織權力弔詭管理的觀點,建構學校組織變革模式,以利權力運用在學校組織的實踐性。通常權力的運用,旨在解決學校成員間的衝突,以利調和學校成員興趣的差異,進而產生較多的行動能量,來促進學校組織的變革。因此權力運用與學校組織變革息息相關。然而在權力運用的過程中,有出現弔詭現象之虞。權力的運用,稍有不慎,不僅無法達到應有的效果,反而無法調和學校成員的差異,進而減低學校組織變革的成效。基於此,探索學校組織權力弔詭管理的觀點,對於學校組織變革的影響益形重要。而學校組織權力弔詭管理的行動途徑,包括反省對別人有價值的事物及剝奪別人有價值事物的適當性、同時理解權力主、客體的意圖、注意權威的得到認同、以及相互依賴關係的管理,所建構的學校組織變革模式,會促進學校組織的革新,將有助於權力運用在學校組織的實踐性。
The study is to analyze the perspective of management of power paradox in school organizations , which will help construct an effective model of organizational change in schools . And the study also analyzes how to facilitate organizational change in schools through power exercise. In general, power exercise is served to solve the conflicts among school members and help form dominant coalition. According to the extent of domination coalition, it can determine the energy in action. Because energy in action can lead to organizations to new reality, power and organizational change in schools are related to each other. However, power exercise will produce the paradox. If power paradox in school organizations cannot be managed effectively, power exercise is hard to reach the anticipated results. And some approaches, such as appropriateness of privileged values, understanding of subjective intention of school members, inquiry of authority identification, and management of interdependent relationships, can help manage power paradox in school organizations. These approaches can construct the model of organizational change in schools, which helps facilitate the quality of organizational change in schools.
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