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Title: 杜牧散文所呈現之思想
Other Titles: The Main Thought in Tu Mu's Prose
Authors: 呂武志
Issue Date: Jun-1993
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本篇旨在探討晚唐杜牧散文之思想內涵,要點有五:包括:一、輔君活人之政治思想,二、平藩定逆之軍事思想,三、崇儒反佛之學術思想,四、尚意幕古之文學思想,五、愛怒致惡之人性思想。其見解反映於政治方面為「事君須婉言匡輔」、「撫民應興利除弊」;軍事方面為「謀國必須知兵」、「主張重整兵備」、「反對姑息藩鎮」、「建議突擊邊虜」;學術方面為「推崇孔孟道統」、「指責佛教害國」;文學方面為「立意先乎辭句」、「志古在於仁義」;人性方面為「愛怒乃致亂根源」、「贊成性惡論觀點」。歸納言之,其散文思想,大抵以有助於政治教化,能裨益日用民生為核心也。
This paper is to explore the thought in the prose of Tu eminent literary figure of the late T'ang. The essential points of the paper will be presented as follows:1.The political thought of assisting the ruler and taking care of the subjects.2.The military thougt of suppressing commanders of outlying forts and destroying the enemy along the national frontier.3.The scholarly thought of revering Confucianism and reacting against Buddhism.4.The Literary thought of emphasizing the contents of the writing and admiring greatly the ancient ways.5.The thought of regarding love and hatred as the origin of human nature. Moreover, Tu Mu, in his prose, expressed his thought in the following aspects :1.The political aspect. Tu Mu asserted that the official who served the ruler should assist the ruler without offending by rude remarhs, and that the official who loved the subjects should initiate the useful and abolish the harmful.2.The military aspect. Tu Mu held that one who governed a nation should be aware of military tactics and strategy, strengthen armaments, and attack suddenly the enemy along the national border. He also maintained that the suppression of the commanders of outlying forts should not be appeased.3.The aspect of scholarship. Tu Mu respected greatly the orthodoxy of Confucian teachings, and attacked Buddhism bitterly for it brought disaster upon the state.4.The aspect of literature, Tu Mu gave priority to the theme over the language of writings. He also asserted that the ancient ways lay in benevolence and righteousness.5.The aspect of human nature. Tu Mu held that love and hatred were the origin of causing chaos, He was in favor of Hsun Tzu's view of human nature which is evil. In conclusion, the thought of Tu Mu's thought would benefit the people's livelihood and bring political enlightenment to the people.
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