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Title: 當代臺灣女作家小說中的母子關係
Other Titles: Mother/Son Relationship in Contemporary Taiwanese Women Writers's Fiction
Authors: 李仕芬
Lee Shi Fan
Issue Date: Apr-1998
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本文探討的是當代臺灣女作家小說中男性與母親的關係。全文共分四節:第一節指出,兒子從幼年起已經擺脫不了對母親的眷戀與依賴。這種關係,並沒有因為兒子的成長而有所改變。第二節指出,冰心式的慈母類型往往已為臺灣女作家所摒棄。在這些女作家的小說中,更見到的是壓迫兒子的陰暗性母親。兒子如何面對陰暗性母親,是這節的討論重點。第三節集中討論母親對兒子的影響。從心理上,指出兒子的成長如何因為母親的關係而有所扭曲。最後一節,從兒子的反抗、逃避,以至放棄來說明他們的掙扎與絕望。「無力的一群」──是他們的最後寫照。
This thesis explores the maternal relationship of male characters in fiction by contemporary Taiwanese women writers. It is organized in four sections. Section one explains how the male characters are invariable bound by their maternal dependence, as infants and continuation into their adulthood. Section two points out that contemporary Taiwanese women writers have abandoned the ever-loving maternal stereotype, replacing it with the dark side of motherhood. The repressive motherly characteristics are particularly evident in their fiction. How the male characters cope with maternal repression central in this discussion. Section three examines the negative impact on the male characters by the repressive mothers. It is discussed, from a psychological perspective, how the mental growth of the male characters being deformed by maternal pressure. The last section exposes the male struggle and hopelessness, based on their depicted rebellion, retreat and surrender under the motherly figure. "The helpless creature"--becomes their final portrayal.
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