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Title: 影響教育行政決定之因素研究
Other Titles: A Research of the Factors That Affect Decision-making in Educational Administration
Authors: 吳清基
Issue Date: Jun-1984
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: Decision-making in Educational Administration is the central function of the operation of educational administration, the main job of the educational administrators, and the focus of the academic study and the problem research of the educational administration today. It is essential for us to research into the factors that affect decision-making in educational administration in order to get a rational and effective operation of educational administrative decision-making. The major purposes of this research are, first, theoretical analysis about the factors that affect decision-making in educational administration; second, to find the real differences of the operation of the decision-making in educational admin-istration in R. 0. C.; third, to make some suggestions for improving the operation in decision-making in educational administration. The methods of this research are theoretical analysis and survey approach. The procedures are, first, to study the reference literature in order to construct the theoretical framework of this investigation; second, to finish the questionaire and to get 398 educational admiristrators as samples for surveying; third, to analyze and discuss the questionaire survey data; and fourth, to write research reports. The factors that affect decision-making in educational administration can be divided into two dimensions: one is individual factor, and the other, organizational. The former includes the following four factors: individual value and concept; individual knowledge and ability; individual intuition and habit; individual per-sonality and traits. The latter contains four factors too: organizational information and communication system; organizational internal human interrelationship; organizational external pressure and impact; organizational traditional habit and exercises. Some findings from the resource analysis for those factors are as follows: First, there is no significant difference between different sexes and job grades of edu
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