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Title: The Applicability of 662 KEV Υ-Rays to Compton Profile Measurements
Other Titles: 662 Kev伽瑪射線在康普吞攝像測量的可用性
Authors: 張秋男
Issue Date: Jun-1987
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 662 kv伽瑪射線對矽及鍺單晶的三個方向<100>、<110>及<111>的背角散射能譜由純鍺低能量偵測器測得,並利用傅立葉轉換的技術將之還原而得到矽與鍺單晶在<100>、<110>及<111>方向的康譜吞攝像。此結果與由低能量光子或正子消滅等方法所得結果相比較,發現已相對論為基礎得到的康普吞攝像是個定義清楚的概念,而用作康普吞攝像的r射線高達662kev仍然適用。故銫137放射原可用作康普吞攝像的伽瑪射線源。
The 662 Kev γ-ray backscattered spectra of <100>-, <110>-and <111>-oriented Si and Ge were obtained by a HpGe low-energy detector. These spectra were then deconvoluted by a Fourier transformation technique. Compton profiles of <100>-, <110>- and <111>-oriented Si and Ge were deduced and compared with the existing data, which were obtained either by the method of lowenergy photons or by positron annihilation. The agreements are quite good, and we conclude that the Compton profile is γ-ray energy as high as 662 KeV. Cs137 can thus be considered as a good radioactive source for Compton Profile measurements. We have also found that the multiple scattering effect at this photon energy is more significant for Si than for Ge.
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