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Title: 現成物對現代設計觀念的衝擊與反思
Other Titles: Ready-Mode to Modern Design Idea Impact and Reconsidering
Authors: 李佩玲
Pei-Ling Lee
Issue Date: Apr-2005
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 從杜象引領達達主義的觀念提出現成物的物體藝術主張,使得現代藝術觀念產生極大的變革與衝擊,最大的影響即是考驗、提醒著藝術家親自塑造藝術媒材的必要性,因此否定藝術的獨創性,使得藝術從物品本身超脫至創作思維的表現,因而物件形體的獨創性被視為次要。整體而言到了50年代後期,現成物的觀念已脫離達達主義的定義,慢慢地傾向對大量生產、物質過剩的批判與反思,因此從普普藝術、集積藝術及裝置藝術,則是運用廣告物件與人工產品作為創作的媒介,而隨著各個年代藝術家的不同主張,現成物的物體藝術觀念已呈現多元化的形貌。然而受杜象的反藝術啟發,50年代義大利的反設計激進設計運動,開始提出現成物設計的觀念,而當代的設計師也不乏以現成物作為設計的媒介,尤其荷蘭的設計團體-楚格設計更提出現成物設計概念,從相關文獻以及設計實物的分析探討,可以發現現成物對現代設計的影響有以下特點:消費者與設計師的角色的轉換、產品語意的消逝、現成物的想像與轉換、設計思維在產品歷程上的延伸思考、形式的消耗與再生的銜接。
Eagerly anticipates Dadaism from Duchamp the idea to propose ready-made of object art advocated, causes the modern art idea to have the enormous transformation and the impact, the most tremendous influence is the test, the reminder artist personally is molding the artistic intermediary material the necessity, therefore the denial art originality, enables art to be aloof from objects itself to the creation thought performance, thus the object originality is regarded as secondary. In the 50's later periods, the utilization ready-made idea has been separated from Dadaism the definition, slowly favors to the mass productions, the material surplus critique and reconsidering, therefore from Pop art, Accumulation art and Installation art is takes the creation using the advertisement thing and the artificial product the medium, but along with each age artist's different position, the ready-made object art idea has presented multiplex the artistic appearance. However the Duchamp alike anti- art inspiration, the 50's Italy's radical design movement, is started to propose ready-made design idea, but the contemporary designer is not deficient by ready-made took the design the medium, especially Holland's design association - Droog designs proposed ready-made design concept, from the correlation literature as well as the design material object analysis discussion, may below discover ready-made has the characteristic to the modern design influence: The consumer and designer's role transformation, the product meaning dissipate, the ready-made imagination and the transformation, the design thought extends the ponder on the product course, the form consumption and regeneration linking up.
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