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Title: 中華民國臺灣區運動會競技體操選手分數及裁判評審分數客觀性與一致性十年的追蹤研究
Other Titles: A Ten-Years Follow-up Study on the Gymnasts Score and the Objectivity & Consistency of the Score Marks Judged by Referess on the Performances of Gymnasts in Taiwan Region's Games of the Republic of China
Authors: 林清和
Issue Date: Jun-1987
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究之目的在追蹤探討十年前、後國內體操選手分數的差異,並與奧運╱世界杯體操選手的分數做一比較;進而探討十年前、後國內體操裁判評審分數的客觀性與一致性的差異,藉以提供裁判和教練之參考。本研究以中華民國64年在臺北市舉行的第二屆臺灣區運動會競技體操比賽(男選手為47人,女選手為59人),與中華民國74年在彰化舉行的第十二屆臺灣區運動會競技體操比賽(男選手為53人,女選手為40人)所評分的原始資料,另加民國65年中華男子體操隊蒙特婁奧運合格賽成績表,1979年蒙特婁奧運體操男女個人全能與男女個人單項成績表,及1985年蒙特婁世界杯體操錦標賽男女個人全能成績表等五種資料作為研究對象與範圍。所獲得的資料,使用兩個獨立樣本的t檢定(the t-test for two independent samples)皮爾遜積差相關法(pearsons product-moment Correlation)與未相關的r之間的差異公式(Difference between Uncorrelation r's)來做檢定比較,並經分析與討論後,獲得下列結論:一、十年後,男女選手的體操分數均優於十年前的男女體操選手,尤其是男子的鞍馬與吊環兩項,有非常顯著差異(P<.01),女子四項均有非常顯著差異(P<.01)。二、十年前、後,男子最弱的項目是鞍馬與吊環兩項,女子則是高低槓一項。而十年前,女子次弱的跳馬項目,十年後已躍居女子四項之冠。三、十年後,國內男女全能及個人單項決賽分數第一名,與奧運╱世界杯男女全能及個人單項決賽第一名的全能總分和全能平均分數之差距,均比十年前國內男女選手來得少。四、十年後,男女個人全能與個人單項決賽前六名選手的分數,均優於十年前的男女選手。而且,前六名選手之間的全能總分與全能平均分數之差距,均小於十年前的男女選手分數。這表示十年前的中華男女體操代表隊,成隊之間的技術水準不一致,程度參差不齊。五、十年後,現任的國內男女體操裁判員較十年前的國內男女體操裁判員,在評分的觀點上更具有客觀性及一致性。而且,也比國外裁判員在評分的觀點上,其內部較具有一致性。六、十年前、後,國內男子體操裁判員其內部的評分觀點,比十年前、後的國內女子體操裁判員更趨向一致性。
The purpose of this study is to track down the difference in score marks on the performances in the games of the national gymnasts before arid after the given decade to make comparisons on their scorq marks with the Olympic Game and the World Cup Game. Then the writer explored the deviation on the objectivity and consistency of the score marks judged and given by the referees before and after the given decade. The result of the study shall be provided to the referess and coabhes for their reference. The study is based upon the original data regarding the Second Taiwan Region Games for Gymnastic Contests in 1975 conducted in Taipei, the Republic of China (47 Male gymnasts and 59 female gymnasts), and the Twelfth Taiwan Region Game for. Gymnastic Contests in 1985 held in Chang Hwa, the Repub-lic of China (53 Male gymnasts and 40 female gymnasts). Besides, the writer used the other three kinds of data comprising of the Qualification Contest for selected contes-tants to join 1976 Montereal Opympic Gymnastic Games for Men, the score marks list on the individuals item in all-round gymnasts contests for the selected contestants to join 1976 Montereal Games of Gymnastics for men and women, and the score marks list of the individuals on all-round events in 1985 Montereal World Cup Gymnastics Tournament for individual men and women. The above five kinds of data served as the objects and scope for my study. After the data were obtained, I used t-test for two independent samples, Perasons Product-Moment Correlation and the Formula of difference Between Uncorrelation r's for check and comparison. Then after my analysis and discussion of the contents with the relevant people, I obtained the 1.follwing conclusion. After the given decade, the score marks of gymanistic, performances by male and female gymnasts were better than those of ten years ago. Particularly the two events for men showed significant progress, i.e. pommel horse and rings. There was significant difference between
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