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Title: 遊戲場設計與幼兒使用遊戲場意見之分析
Other Titles: Playground Design and Children's Opinions toward Their Kindergarten Playgrounds
Authors: 簡美宜
Issue Date: Apr-2001
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究之主旨為探求幼兒對其幼稚園遊戲場之意見,與其遊戲場合適性狀況之間的關係,以作為遊戲場設計的依據。本研究商得兩所遊戲場合適性狀況不同的幼稚園之參與,調查內容包含幼兒對各遊戲據點的使用意見及改變願望。資料蒐集途徑係以晤談法逐一訪問兩園全部的四歲組幼兒,及由教師以其所認為之該園幼兒意見填答相似問題,計取得A園61份及B園73份之調查資料。本研究發現「遊戲場合適性」所列述的各項特質可以完整地涵括所有幼兒的遊戲場改變願望。幼兒自陳意見與教師代言意見相較,更能呈現對各遊戲據點的喜好分散現象與不同使用模式,而幼兒自陳的遊戲場改變願望較教師代言者,更能廣泛地涉及各項合適性特質。本研究依據調查發現分別對幼兒遊戲場設計及未來研究之進行提出建議。
There were three purposes accomplished via this study Firstly, to analyze the relationship between playground use opinions of children and appropriateness status of their playgrounds. Secondly, to examine whether the concept of "playground appropriateness" could integrate children's opinions and would be beneficial for analyzing these opinions. Thirdly, to compare outcomes between the data of "child self-report" and "teacher representation" in order to analyze the significance and feasibility of the data collection method of child self-report. Two kindergartens with different playground appropriateness status participated in this study, survey questions were edited according to the different status of individual kindergartens. Data collection was conducted by interviewing children aged four in each kindergarten one by one, and by teachers filled questionnaires about their conceived children's opinions. There were 61 subjects of kindergarten A, and 73 subjects of kindergarten B were surveyed in the total. Contents of survey questions included the degree of like of each play spot, the staying time length of each play spot, the favorite spot, the weather preference of the favorite spot, the play time arrangement of the favorite spot, and restructuring expectations of their playgrounds. Results of this study provided playground design principles for kindergartens' restructuring reference, and research suggestions for future studies.
Other Identifiers: 9F26C3F4-6955-3FCE-7851-3773A7A21778
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