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Title: 靈芝之薄層及高效能液相層析研究
Other Titles: The Layer and High Performance Liquid Chromatography of Ganoderma Species
Authors: 姜宏哲
Issue Date: Jun-1982
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 靈芝自古以來,被視為吉祥寶物及治療百病的靈藥,最近經動物試驗發現其有抗癌效果。靈芝屬於擔子菌綱→多孔菌科。靈芝近緣種在台灣約有二十種。僅憑外觀,難以區分其為靈芝、長莖靈芝、?杉靈芝及大靈芝,故一般常混用。本研究以八種不同的靈芝由甲醇中粹取,應用薄層分析及高效能液相層析法來分析各種靈芝。結果歸納以便於能迅速,簡便區分。
"Ling chih" is a wild fungus, which since immemorial, has been regarded as a good omen and even an elixir among Chinese people. Generally, the word "Ling chih" embraces the species Ganoderma japonicum, Ganoderma tsugae, Ganoderma sessile and Ganoderma neo-japonicum. For botanical classification of G.japonicum, G.tsugae, G.sessile, G.neo-japonicum, G.applanturn and Formes pinicola. Thin layer and high performance liquid chromatographic analyses were performed on the methanolic extracts of above Ganoderma species. From the result obtained we find that these methods could clearly distinguish among these species.
Other Identifiers: 8FD2758F-A0D2-CE1F-880E-C3ABC4B619C9
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