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Title: 性別的多數、權力的少數
Other Titles: Career Choice of Female Junior High School Teachers and Potential Administrators in Tainan City: Gender and Authority
Authors: 李惠茹
Hui-Ju Lee and Wen-hui Anna Tang
Issue Date: Apr-2004
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 截至二00二年,台灣省國中女性教師佔所有國中教師的六成四,而且預估女性化程度仍會持續增高,顯示該職場具有性別水平隔離的特徵。不過雖然女性教師佔了六成以上的比例,各級行政職務的性別比例卻是男多於女,而且女性教育主管的位階多集中在傳統女性的職務,例如特殊教育組長、資料組長和訓育組長,使得國中行政職務同時也具有性別垂直隔離的特徵,因此本研究發現國中教師工作是一個性別隔離的職場。 本研究以台南市國中女性教師為研究對象,透過文獻分析法、問卷調查法和深入訪談法,探討國民中學女性教師選擇以「國中教師」為職業的理由,以及她們不(能)擔任學校行政工作的原因。研究結果發現如下: 1. 女性教師擔任國中教師工作的個人理由,透露出社會對於女性角色的期待。 2. 結構的限制讓女性教師沒有興趣或意願擔任學校行政職務。 3. 女性教師肯定工作的意義與價值,並擁有不同於男性定義的職涯觀。
In 2002, sixty-four percent of all junior high school teachers in Taiwan were female, and it is expected that this trend toward “feminization” of junior high faculties will continue to increase. There is no significant difference in the “rank” of male and female teachers. However, at all levels of junior high school administration males outnumber females, and female administrators tend to hold lower-level, traditiona11y female posts such as Director of Special Education, Director of the Office of Data and Records, and Director of the Office of Student Counseling. Thus while a woman entering the profession of junior high school teaching in Taiwan enjoys a certain“positive horizontal gender discrimination,” one attempting to enter the administrative level of a junior high school suffers from negative vertical gender discrimination. In this research project, female teachers and female administrators at junior high schools in Tainan were our subjects. Through the study of records, questionnaires and in-depth interviews, we analyzed the reasons these women chose “junior high school teacher” as their career, as well as the reasons they either did not choose or were not allowed to serve in administrative posts in junior high schools. The results of this investigation are as follows: The personal reasons for female teachers’ career choice of junior high school teaching is largely a function of society’s expectations of females. Furthermore, due to structural limitations-that is, the difficulty of attaining higher-level positions-female teachers have relatively little desire to seek administrative posts in junior high schools. The female teachers also tend to have a notion of their professional teaching career which differs from that of males, and which has to do with their affirmation of the intrinsic meaning and value of teaching rather than primarily with considerations of money, status and power.
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