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Title: 從魔都到夢土
Other Titles: From a Surrealist City to a Fairyland:An Exploration of Homo Sexuality, Diaspora Experience and Imagined Homeland in Pai Hsien-Yung's "New Yorkers"
Authors: 曾秀萍
Issue Date: Sep-2009
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 有關繁簡字之爭的論述早已汗牛充棟,本文主要想以一個新的視角「請循其本」,藉汪學文於1967年發表的《中共文字改革與漢字前途》為基礎,嘗試回顧簡化字發展的歷史,指出:當年中共政權大力推行的簡化字其實是為了呼應國際共黨的「語文同化政策」,最後目的是為了「消滅漢字」,且盲目的以減省筆畫為目的,製造不合理的簡化字,治絲益棼,造成今日的問題。本文特別指陳的,就是中共政權當時為了簡省筆畫,隨意改變姓氏及地名,造成嚴重的傳統文化割裂,這錯誤必須更正。我們並不反對整理漢字,但整理漢字絕不等同於簡化漢字,所以,「識繁寫簡」、「識正寫簡」等建議並未觸及問題核心!五十年的錯誤政策,與五千年歷史文化傳承系統相較,要回頭絕非難事!今天中共政權已成為經濟大國,且以中華文化傳承者自居,是否該以全新的視野,重新審視簡化字對傳承中華文化造成的破壞及問題?我們建議以「漢字構形資料庫」為基礎,找出漢字演變的規律及其與語言之間的關係,兩岸共同合作規劃出乙套漢字字形,希望本文能帶給決策者全新的思考!
This article aims to explore the relationship between sexual inclination, diaspora experience, personal identity, and the imagined homeland in Pai Hsien-yung’s two homosexual fictions in “NewYorkers.” As too much has been talked about races and nations while too little has been said about the politics of sexuality in recent diaspora studies, this article intends to fill in this void.It is argued that the two stories were about the elusive relationship between sexuality and national identity. While the personal identities of these estranged homosexuals have changed from“Guests in New York” to “New Yorkers,” New York, once a surrealist city for them, has now become a “fairyland,” a new hometown. “Root” and “Home” were reconnected in a dialectical loop. The construct of national identity was no longer clear and subject to suspicion. Sexuality has become a fundamental questioning of one’s national identity.It is also worth pointing out that although multiple identities may be developed through home-leaving and immigration, boundary crossing, for all its positive meanings, could pose as a danger of crossing the limit. Not only was one’s personal and national identity suffering from this impact in a symbolic level, one’s basic existence might also be threatened. This was a fact that cannot be ignored while negotiating between liquid identities. Moreover, the redemption and purification process of our protagonists in this imagined homeland will be examined and discussed.
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