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Title: 建構式網路學習活動成效之探討
Other Titles: Exploring the Effects of Constructive Learning Activities on Web-Based Learning
Authors: 陳明溥
Issue Date: Oct-2002
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究目的在探討建構式與瀏覽式學習活動對學習者網路學習成效之影響,並以問卷調查了解學習者對網路學習活動的看法。研究樣本為一百四十四位高職資料處理科學生,資料分析採二因子共變數分析。研究發現:(1)在網路學習活動方面,知識圖學習活動有助於電腦網路事實性與組合性宣告知識之學習,而且建構式學習活動顯著優於瀏覽式學習活動;(2)在認知型態方面,場地獨立組在學習電腦網路組合性宣告知識的表現顯著優於場地依賴組,但在事實性宣告知識則無顯著差異;(3)學習者認知型態與學習活動之交互作用接近但未達顯著水準;(4)在態度方面,學習者不論是透過瀏覽或是建構學習活動學習,其對於以知識圖方式學習電腦網路概念皆持正面之態度,而且建構式學習活動比瀏覽式學習活動更受歡迎與肯定。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of the type of learning activity and cognitive style on learners' web-based learning performance. One hundred and forty-four vocational high school students participated in the experiment. Two-way ANCOVAs were conducted in analyzing the collected data, with learners' prior knowledge of the computer network as the covariant. Participants' attitudes toward web-based learning activities were ascertained through questionnaires given to them immediately after these learning activities were completed. The results showed that both the knowledge-map-construction activity and the knowledge-map-browsing activity were effective in facilitating learning of factual and complex declarative knowledge. Field-independent learners outperformed field-dependent learners on the post-test of complex declarative knowledge. The interaction between cognitive style and learning activity was not significant in this study. In general, participants showed a positive attitude toward using knowledge-map activities in web-based learning environments. Participants also showed a greater tendency to use the knowledge-map-construction activity than the knowledge-ma-browsing activity.
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