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Title: 先總統 蔣公的反共思想
Other Titles: The Late President Chiang Kai-shek's Thoughts of Anti-Communism
Authors: 張載宇
Issue Date: Jun-1984
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 先總統 蔣公知共最深,反共最早,也最堅決,不僅為我國民革命的導師,也是全人類反共的先知與前輩。蔣公反共的理論基礎,是以心物合一論駁斥唯物論,以民生史觀反對唯物史觀,以「中和位育」真理摧毀唯物辯證法則,以信仰自由的有神思想擊敗唯物無神思想,以社會互助消滅階級鬥爭。 蔣公反共的三大著名-反共抗俄的基本論,解決共產主義思想與方法的根本問題,蘇俄在中國,深入地探討反共的理論,周延地提示反共的方略,不僅歸納了半個世紀長期反共的經驗,也預示了當前乃至未來反共奮鬥中,所遭遇的逆流,可能重犯的錯誤,以及救濟與預防的方案,實為反共的基本理論與方略。共產主義威脅世界的焦點在亞洲,亞洲共產威脅主要的來源,在中國大陸,中國問題是亞洲和自由世界的主要問題。中華民國政府和人民,認為光復大陸是我們的神聖任務,不僅為爭取中國人的自由幸福,也是為了替世界剷除禍根。三民主義的傳統哲學,是永久不滅的真理,亦為國民革命最後勝利的左券。反共大師索忍尼辛,指出反共西方國家的通病,和聯中共制俄策略的錯誤,人類唯一出路,是精神層次的發展,美國雷根總統推進世界民主和平運動,均為 蔣公反共先知遠見的見證。我們只有一個目標,就是反攻復國;只有一個信心,就是三民主義終必實行於全國,弘揚於世界。
As an anti-communist, no one has better understanding, earlier experience, and firmer determination than the late President Chiang Kai-shek. He was not only the master leader of National Revolution, but also the prophet and forerunner of anti-Communism for all human beings.The theoretical foundation of his anti-Communism is based on the Theory of the Unity of Spirit and Material to refute Materialistic Theory, the Interpretation of History by the Principle of People's Livelihood to oppose the Materialistic Interpretation of History, the truth of Chung-Ho-Wei-Yu (namely, when our true central self and harmony are realized, the universe then becomes a cosmos and all things attain their full growth and development) to destroy the law of Materialistic Dialectic, the Theistic Thoughts of the Freedom of Religions Belief to defeat the Atheistic Thoughts of Materialism, and Mutual Cooperation of Society to exter-minate Class Struggle. His three anti-communist masterpieces - On the Funda-mental Issues of Anti-Communist and Resisting Russia, the Solution of the Radical Problems of the Thoughts and Methods of Communism, and Soviet Russia in - have deeply probed into the theory of anti-Communism, have at length suggested the plan of Anti-Communism. In these three books, he not merely summed up half-century-long anti-Communist experiences, but also foretold the adverse current encountered, mistakes probably repeated, and relieving, and precautionary tactics likely applied in the course of anti-communist struggle for the present and future stages. So these three masterpieces, as a matter of fact, have become the radical theory and guilding principles of anti-Communism.The greatest thireat to the world- posed by Communism focuses on Asia, and its main threat to Asia stems from the Chinese mainland, so China's Issue is the main issue of Asia and the free world. We, the government and people of the Republic of China, consider it our sacred task to recover the mainland for the sake o
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