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Title: 海峽兩岸國(初)中課程內涵之比較研究
Other Titles: The Research and Comparision of the Components of Junior High School Curriculum in Taiwan to Those in Mainland China
Authors: 林朝鳳
Issue Date: Jun-1994
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 課程是學校教育的核心,國民申學的教育目標能否達成,課程設計是否完善,實為主要因素之一。因此國民中學課程的設計與實施已成為國民教育上的重要問題。自民國76年政府宣佈台灣地區解嚴,兩岸交流日益活絡,在此同時,除了應對大陸地區的教育概況有所瞭解之外,實有必要針對兩岸文化、教育狀況加以比較、研究。因此本研究乃針對「兩岸國(初)中課程內涵」加以分析、探討。首先,分別分析台灣與大陸兩地區的初中課程內涵,包括課程演變、現況與未來發展,同時對課程實施現況進行實施成效分析;其次,比較與檢討兩岸國(初) 中課程內涵的異同與優劣;最後根據研究結果,提出數項建議,以作為發展與改進我國國民中學課程的參考。
Curriculum is the vore of school educational programs. The attainability to thegoals of junior high school educational progroms is most likely to depend on the fullness of curriculum design. Therefore, curriculum design and practice for junior highschool has been an essential issue for compulsory education. Since 1987, the R.O.C. government announced the release of martial law fromTaiwan area, interactions between Taiwan and Mainland China are getting more andmore active. Meanwhile, in addition to have a betteer understanding towards the educational circumstances in Mainland, it is also necessary to compare the culture andeducational status in Taiwan to htose in Mainland, and further, to discuss and analyzethem. Hence, this study will focus on the analysis of "The Curriculum Components ofJunior High School in Taiwan and Mainland China". Firstly, it will respectively analyze the components in two places which includesthe curriculum changing, the current status and the development in future ; at thesane cime, the study will have a thorough discussion on the peerformances of curriculum practice presently. Secondly, it will compare and discuss the differences and advantages of curriculum between Taiwan and Mainland. Finally, based on the findings in this study, several suggestions will be made as areference for improving the cuerriculum of junior high school in Taiwan.
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