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Title: 新椽舊瓦補紅樓
Other Titles: Comments on Chang Chih's New Sequel to the Dream of Red Chamber
Authors: 江應龍
Issue Date: Jun-1990
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 曹雪芹的巨著紅樓夢只留下了前八十回,全書並沒有結束,許多重大的事故,尚未寫出,作者創作的意圖,尚未明確的呈現出來,便告一段落,不僅形式上不完整,甚至書的真正主旨也不易看出。後三十回原稿遺失,是中國與世界文學的大損失。  高鶚、程偉元續成的後四十回,在曹雪芹逝世後幾十年完成,違反曹著原意,而且冒充曹著,矇騙世人,貽患無窮。  大陸學者張之君,下了十年工夫,接著第八十回補成後三十回。他認為他的「補書」,才合乎曹雪芹原意,才能彰顯原著精神。書名叫做「紅樓夢新補」,本文係就此書加以評論。  本文共分五大部分:  第一部分介紹張氏寫此書的動機與經過  第二大部分評論此書與前八十回「接筍」的問題,一一舉出例證。如果「接筍」不好,便是另一部書,而不是前八十回的續書了。  第三大部分說明曹雪芹有多方面廣博的學問,在紅樓夢一書中,處處都可以顯現出來。本書作者張之,也不甘示弱,在這方面,表現得也相當成功,一一舉出例證。  第四大部分討論古典文學方面,紅樓夢前八十回,,有許多盪氣迴腸、百讀不厭的詩、賦、詞、曲、胼文作品,高、程續四十回在這方面交了白卷。張氏此書,在文學理論及創作方面,大致說來有頗為優異的成績;但有許多不夠水準的作品,以及敘述方面的缺失,都一一指出,但在今日一般作家對於傳統文學的忽視,一般人國學水準的低落,張氏還是比較差強人意的。但與前八十回相比,便遜色多了。  第五大部分提出這本書的詞句不妥之處,及許多錯字,以及引用詩文的錯誤。  第六大部分辯明「繁體字本」一詞不妥,應作「正體字本」。  第七大部分是總結,對本書的價值,予以肯定。
Over a period of ten years, Chang Chin, an author in mainland China, wrote a sequel in 30 chapters to Ts'ao Hsueh-ch'in's Dream of the Red Chamber. Chang thought that his sequel well matched the theme and grasped the spirit of the original work. He entitled his work A New Sequel to Dream of the Red Chamber. My comments on Chang's New Seguel to the Dream of Red Chamber are divided into seven parts: The first part deals with the motivations and the process of Chang's writing his new se-quel. The second part discusses the sequel in terms of the plot. The third part illustrates, with concrete examples, how Chang efforted to vie with Ts'ao in demonstrating his wide knowledge. The fourth part discusses the degree of Chang's success in writing poem in various tradi-tional forms, such as the shih poems, the tz'u poems, and the couplets. The fifth part points out some inappropriate or misused Chinese characters and misquo-tations. The sixth part points out that it is a misnomer to call the Chinese characters used in the sequel the "complicated script." Instead, they should be termed the "orthodox script." The seventh part concludes my comments with an indication of the positive value of the sequel. Chang, Chih. A New Sequel to the Dream of the Red Chamber. Taipei: Li-chi Publica-tion Co., 1989.
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