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Title: 形成假說技能之評量模式及其測量本質的分析研究
Other Titles: The Nature and Evaluation Modes in Measuring Hypotheses Formulating Skill
Authors: 許榮富
Issue Date: Jun-1992
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究以類比衍生分析的研究方法,統整剖析研究者過去十年在科學過程技能領域的潛研,而用形成假說技能為研究的題材,以展現研究者在本領域之全盤性縱向深度的考量及研究的成果。 假設是科學探究過程的核心,研究者結合了科學過程、科學哲學、學習理論、知識結構、認知結構與表徵、文章理解、及解題本質等理論,剖析了假說的特性、形成假說的意義、形成假說技能在概念形成與概念改變中的重要性、假說的基模、以及回答形成假說技能試題的過程模型等之精義,作為本研究之詮釋系統。另以不同的評量模式及引進近代測量理論,作為本研究之分析模式。 經由以上研究者之研究歷程及思考心路的分析,本研究探討了形成假說技能之組織因子、學習層次變化、思考型態、評量模式、以及其測量本質等方面的蘊涵,並提出進一步研究的建議。
In this study, we attempt to integrate author's researches about science process skill in last decade. The investigation of hypotheses formulating skill is to exhibit author's theoretical elaboration and practical consequences of researching in the field. Hypotheses are the core of scientific inquiry processes. The author makes an integration of science process, philosophy of science, learning theory, knowledge structure, cognitive structure and representation, reading comprehension, and problem solving to probe the characteristics of hypotheses, the essence of hypotheses formulation, the importance of hypotheses formulating skill about conceptual formation and conceptual change, the schema of hypothesis, and the congnitive process model of responsing the items of hypotheses formulating skill test. Thus, we use these theoretical constructions to constitute the interpretative system. Furthermore, the item format and item response model are used to construct the analytic mode in this study. By analysing author's researches in last decade, we investigate the interpretation and implication of hypotheses formulating skill organizers, changes of learning hierarchies, thinking patterns, item format, and test nature. Further discussion was made on the basis of the previous findings, and some suggestions on teaching and future research were offered.
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