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Title: 杜牧散文之寫作藝術
Other Titles: The Art of Tu Mu's Prose
Authors: 呂武志
Issue Date: Jun-1994
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本篇旨在探討晚唐杜牧散文之寫作藝術,要點有七:一、識見高超:牧文論兵言政,針眨時弊,常具獨到之眼光。二、情感激昂:牧文抒家國之愛,懷身世之感,多志思當慣,噴薄淋漓。三、布局巧妙:牧文結構嚴整,謀篇奇變,呈現靈巧之美。四、援事富瞻:牧文廣引成辭,好徵人事,使立論堅確有力。五、摹寫傳神:牧文刻劃各階層人物,多血肉飽滿,情態俱盡。六、節奏爽朗:牧文句式參差,音節抑揚,其口吻瀏亮之美。七、造語奇俊:牧文精鍊、流暢、形象,其字句常有瑰瑋佣償,不可分物之妙。綜此各端,足徵杜牧散文之藝術成就;其卓勞不群,流譽古今,良有以也。
This paper examines the art of Tu Mu's prose in the late T'ang period. Tu's prose is distinguished by the following features : 1. Remarkable insights : Tu's works demonsturte his unique insights both political andmilitary in his critiques on contemporary affairs; 2. loaded emotions: bothin expressing his love for his country or in reflecting upon his personallife, Tu's works are loaded with powerful emotions; 3. artistic compositions:Tu's prose is well-organized, punctuated with variations and full of aesthetic beauty; 4. full of allusions: Tu used allusions of various kinds profuselyto strengthen his arguments; 5. vivid descriptions: Tu's portrays of peoplefrom all walks of life are brilliantly executed and full of flesh and blood;6. melodious rhythm: an euphonious effect is achieved through dexterousorchestration of syntactic as well as tonal variations; 7. idiosyncratic diction:the choice of Tu's words ha$ been pithy precise and imagery unconventional. All these features exemplify the artistic achievement of Tu's prose, account ofr his reputation and certainly will guarantee the immortality of hisworks.
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