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Title: 我國身心障礙兒童教育安置之檢討
Other Titles: A Survey Study on Educational Placement for Children with Disabilities in Taiwan, R.O.C.
Authors: 吳武典
Issue Date: Jun-1994
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究旨在針對學齡階段身心障礙兒童(1)分析其教育安置現況,(2)檢 討其當前教育安置的適當性,(3)探討適當的敬育安丘方式及現況改進之道。以第 二次全國特殊兒童普查篩檢出之十一類身心障礙兒童為對象,以自編 「特殊兒童 教育安置需求調查表」(分教師與家長二式)為工具,抽樣調查其導師及家長,經 得導師樣本2,282人 (有效達成率為75),家長樣本2,082人 (有效達成率為68), 同一特殊兒童教師與家長皆答之有效樣本為1,985人 (有效達成率為65),乃失學 特殊兒童家長樣本91人 (有效達成率為40)。所得結果以次數分配及百分比顯 示,並作卡方考驗,主要發現如下:(1)普查鑑定之正確性大體被肯定;(2)目前安置 狀況以在普通班為主,且大多未有任何特殊服務,惟其上學狀況尚稱正常;(3)對 於目前安置方式之通當性,教師持疑的態度高於家長 (分別約為三分之一與六分 之一),兩者多數仍認為適當:(4)無論教師或家長,其心目中理想的教育安置方式 較傾向於統合式的安置,尤以家長為然。惟與現況比較,則顯示對於 「普通班 而無特殊服務」者,多希望增加巡迥輔導教師或資源教室;對於 「特殊班」,多 數希望維持現況或改為資源班;對於 「特殊學校」,多數希望保持現狀或改為特 殊班.。可見無論教師或家長,均顯示多樣化、彈性化與儘量回歸主流之安置模 式有其必要;有教師與家長對安置不適當的狀況看法相當一致,主要狀況為:缺乏 適當輔助教材、缺乏與一般學生之互動、與普通班學生混合安置、缺乏合格特教 教師或專業人員等;失學特殊兒童在篩檢出來兩年後,大多已獲得教育安置,惟 其適當性頗被質疑--大多數為 「在家自行教有」,兩家長之最大期待為 「特殊 學校」與 「教養機構」。根據研究發現,研究者提出若干適當故育安里之建議, 以供有關單位或人士參考。
Aiming at school-age children (6-15 years of age) with disabili- ties, the present study intended to (1) explore the current status of their educational placement, (2) review the appropriateness of the current placement, and (3) search for the way of improvement. The target population was school-age children with disabilities identifiedby the 2nd National Prevalence Survey Study (1990-92), which covered II categoriesof disabilites with a total number of 76,026. About 5 of the target population atgrades 3-9 was smapled and two forms of survey questionnaire were administered totheir home-class teachers and parents respectively. For those who failed to attendschool, only their parents were surveyed. As a result, the available subjects consistedof 2,280 teachers (75 of the target sample), 2,028 parents of disabled childrenattending school (68 of the target sample), and 91 parents of disabled childrenabsented from school (40 of the target sample). The data were analyzed in terms offrequency distribution, percentage, and the chi-square test. The major findings were asthe following:1. There was a general agreement to the accuracy of the identi- ficaiton of the 2nd Natinal Prevalence Survey Study.2. According to the 2nd National Prevalence Survey Study, the vast majority (about 94) of children with disabilities were placed in school settings, among them the majority (about 84) were placed in regular classes with regular school attendance but without any special services. 3. Although the current practices of placement were generally accepted by teachers and parents, their appropriateness was questionned by many teachers (about 1/3) and parents (about 1/6). 4. The integrated placement with special services was viewed by most teachers and parents in particular as the optimal model. Consequently, in comparison with current situations, it was hoped that the itinerant teacher and/or resource room be implemented in stead of "the regular class without any special services"; the spe
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