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Title: 聯結於生活的化學實驗安全STS模組之開發
Other Titles: Development of STS Module Linking Laboratory Safety to Life
Authors: 洪志明
Issue Date: Apr-1998
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究由職前化學教師的行動研究,採用鷹架,以問題為中心,合作學習法,開發實驗安全模組-「核能發電安全」、「火災」。此模式能使教師增進其學科教學能力。透過這種過程中,教師能:1.審視自己對STS問題之信念與價值觀、思考在學校科學教育中如何安插實驗安全學習活動、藉著參與化學實驗安全模組的開發來消除對STS教學活動上的矛盾見解和價值觀及建構出較合宜的見解、價值觀以符合實際的教學需要。2.增進:(1)學習如何學習與吸收新知識;(2)把行動研究當作教學研究的一部份。.發展實驗安全模組與化學實驗安全相關知能。
Two chemistry laboratory safety STS modules were developed during action research on teacher enhancement through instructional resaearch, using scaffolded, problem-centered, cooperative learning. In the process they: (a)construct more appropriate beliefs, values, and science teaching practices by (i) examining their beliefs and values about responsible citizen actions concerning STS issues, (ii) confronting inconsistencies in their beliefs and values about STS action as a science education goal, and (iii) finding a place of laboratory safety in school science education; (b) promoted abilities in (i) learning how to learn and absorb new knowledge, and (ii) doing instructional research as a part of active re-search; and (c) developed laboratory safety module and related chemistry laboratory knowledge and abilities.
Other Identifiers: 561B5A70-E8D9-D550-02D9-59B7B577D4C8
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