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Title: Some Tips on Reading and Writing
Other Titles: 閱讀與寫作芻議
Authors: 王良基
Issue Date: Jun-1995
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 鑒於閱讀與寫作的密切互動關係,而一般中國同學在學習英文過程中常常忽略上項關係之重要性,因此而引發作者撰寫本篇論文之動機。英語文對中國同學而言是一種與中國語文截然不同的外國語文。無論在語音或語法方面均是大異其趣。如何從基本差異方面著手探討比較與磨練研究是一種相當重要而艱鉅的工作。本論文基於以上觀點分段論述其研究與學習途徑。本論文共分四大章節。第一部分序論,簡述學習語文的重要管道-聽說、讀、寫的相互關係以及中英語文在語音及語法方面的差異。第二部分詮釋閱讀技巧的訓練、閱讀的程序以及優良閱讀習慣的養成等。第三部分寫作應行注意的事項,諸如如何搜集資料,累積經驗再透過文法修辭等實際例證以反應到實際的寫作上。第四部分結論。閱讀與寫作是一體之兩面,兩者相輔相成。有何進貨(閱讀所得)即有何產品(寫作成果)。平時應遁正確管道孜孜不倦勤讀苦唸、蒐集佳句妙語充實詞庫,勤加模倣練習,集思廣益,以期產生夠水準的作品有以致之。
Reading and Writing are two sides of one body; they are closely related to eachother. Reading is a sort of "input", while writing is a kind of "output". How to integrate these two interrelated elements into one solid work depends highly on daily practice. In the course of teaching Engligh as a foreign language in the past several decades,the author discovered that many Chinese students of English overlooked the close interactions between reading and writing, thus the author is motivated by the said fact towrite this paper. This paper is divided into four parts. The first part is introduction which describesbriefly how to learn English through the four Channels- Listening, Speaking, Readingand Writing. Meanwhile it also illustrates the differences in sound system and syntaxbetween Engligh and Chinese. The second part deals with how to cultiuate reading skills as well as good readinghabit. The third part covers the important items needed for good writing, such as howto collect materials, accumulate experiences from excellent work to reflect in one's ownwork. The fourth part is conclusion which wraps up the important principles or suggestions to encourage the students of English to work as hard as they can by putting thosetips or principles as mentioned in this paper into practice and integrating these interrelated elements- reading and writing-into one resourse in order to get somewhere in thefield of learning English as a foreign language.
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