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Title: 「潛在課程」Hidden Curriculum 研究的理論基礎
Other Titles: An Analysis of the Theoretical Background of the "Hidden Curriculum"
Authors: 陳伯璋
Issue Date: Jun-1984
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 課程研究成為教育中重要的領域,乃是近六十多年來的事。不過由於早期研究受到「實證主義」典範的誤導,課程研究曾陷入困境,一九六O年代後,部分學者從人文主義的觀點,重新檢討課程的理論和實施,並對實證主義的典範加以批判。在此新趨勢中,最引人注目,且漸形成所謂課程研究的「第三勢力」(The-Third Fore),就是「潛在課程」的研究。其研究的重點是著重非「正式課程」(non-formal curriculum)對學習的意義,以及「正式課程」背後所隱藏的某種價值觀念或意識型態,如果要使課程研究更周全、更完備,「潛在課程」的研究確是不可忽略的部分。由於「潛在課程」的研究仍在發展當中-亦即在「理論化」(theorizing)的過程中,因此從不同立場或不同典範出發者,其論點自然相當紛歧,不過近年來由於彼此間不斷地溝通和批判,漸成為三大支派即「結構功能論」,「現象-詮釋學」、「社會批判理論」。本文研究目的,仍從此三支派的理論基礎出發,進而了解潛在課程研究的特性和限制,期以做為我國課程研究的反省與借鏡,研究方法係以理論分析為主。
In the past two decades, many curriculum theorists, have voiced the suspicion that the curriculum field is moribund. Some of them, based on the humanistic point of view, have made effort to offer a new approach and paradigm for curri-culum research and practice. They are now in the name of "hidden curriculum" and as "the third force" in the field of curriculum studies. Among them, there are three distinct subgroups-" Structural-Function-alism", "Phenomenological-Hermeneutics", and "Social Critical Theory". The first is still dressed on the positivism paradigm, but serving alternatively as a solu-tion for the crisis of the curriculum studies. The others are grounded on the diverse theoretical heritages such as phenomenology, hermeneutics, existentialism, psychoanalysis, critical theory, which are different from the dominant paradigm. The purpose of this study is to analyze the theoretical backgrounds of the three groups of the "hidden curriculum" study. Implications for the developing frameworks of theory as well as the methodplogy suitable for our curriculum studies are also interpreted.
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