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Title: 影響科技與資訊產業人員創意發展的因素之量表編製
Other Titles: The Development of Inventories for Factors that Influence Creativity Development for Personnel in Technology and Information Industries
Authors: 葉玉珠
Issue Date: Oct-2000
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究的目的在根據訪談結果,編製三份影響科技與資訊產業人員創意發展的因素之量表-創意發展個人特質因素量表(IPF-CD)、創意發展家庭因素量表(IFF-CD)以及創意發展學校因素量表(ISF-CD)。本研究量表預試的參與者為283位科技與資訊產業人員,所使用的資料分析方法包括內容分析、Cronbach&apos;s α內部一致性分析、探索性因素分析、皮爾森積差相關、t考驗、次數分配及描述統計。研究發現所編製約三份量表均具有良好的信度與效度。IPF-CD包含九個因素,各因素的Cronbach&apos;s α係數為.64~.89,總量表為.95;IFF-CD包含二個因素,其Cronbach&apos;s α係數均為.80,總量表為.83;ISF-CD包含一個因素, 總量表的Cronbach&apos;s α係數為.87。在效標關聯效度方面,三份量表的分數均與參與者自認為有創意的程度有顯著相關,rs依次為 .51、.18、.23,ps<.01。
The purpose of this study was to, based on interviews, develop three inventories for understanding factors that influence creativity development for personnel in technology and information industries. The inventories were The Inventory of personal-trait Factors to Creativity Development (IPF-CD), The Inventory of Family Factors to Creativity Development (IFF-CD), and The Inventory of School Factors to Creativity Development (ISF-CD). 283 personnel in technology and information industries participated in the pretest. The employed data analysis methods included content analysis, internal consistency analysis, exploratory factor analysis, Person correlation, t-test, frequency and descriptive analysis. The results revealed that all the three inventories developed in this study had satisfactory reliability and validity. IPF-CD comprised nine factors; the coefficients of Cronbach's α were .64 to .89 for the nine factors and .95 for the inventory. IFF-CD comprised two factors; the coefficients of Cronbach's α were .80 for the two factors and .83 for the inventory. ISF-CD comprised one factor; the coefficient of Cronbach's was .87. In terms of criterion-related validity, the three inventories were significantly correlated with self-report scores of degrees of creativity, rs were .51, .18, and .23, ps< .01, respectively.
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