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Title: 台灣都會地區國民中學學生能源意識調查
Other Titles: The Awareness of Energy and the Environment of Junior High School Students in the Cities of Taiwan
Authors: 張瑞香
Issue Date: Jun-1996
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 為了瞭解學生對能源與環境的意識程度,我們首先選擇了臺北、臺中、高雄、花蓮等都會地區之國中二、三年學生共1245人作問卷調查。此問卷調查表之內容以能源認知為主,以能源知識為輔,共分七個主題:1.資源的有限性2.能源之必要性3.能源之有效利用和開發4.能源的經濟性5.能源和地球環境的關係6.科學素養7.能源知識的來源途徑。 調查結果顯示:學生已具有相當程度的能源危機意識,而且女生略強於男生。但是對能源的消耗與生活水準二者之間的取捨,大都抱樂觀的態度,認為可以在不增加能源消耗量之下,提高生活水準,尤以年齡小和女性之比例較高。 對我國今後之核能發電:37.51%的同學認為應維持現狀,其主要理由是太陽能在技術上尚未獲得大家肯定,不能代替核能;32.9%的同學認為應增加,其主要理由為核能發電不會產生酸雨和溫室效應。 與能源相關之科學素養相當低,而能源知識的來源主要是電視,其次為學校授課。
This study was to investigate the student's awareness of energy and the environment in Taiwan. 1245 middle school students aged thirteen to sixteen were picked at random from Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung and Hualian. The questionaire was created from the following perspectives: (1)The finite nature of energy resources. (2)The necessity of energy. (3)Effective energy utilization and development. (4)Economic factors concerning energy. (5)The relationship between energy and the global environment. (6)Scientific knowledge about energy and the environment. (7)Source of information about nuclear energy and unclear power generation. The results show that all students recognize that there is a limit to the earth's supply of fossil fuels. And they expressed an optimistic view that it is possible to improve their living standards without increasing energy consumption.
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