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Title: 生物實驗教學能力重要性評估比較研究
Other Titles: The Comparisons of the Competencies for Laboratory Instruction in Biology
Authors: 林陳涌
Issue Date: Oct-2000
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 實驗課教學是科學教學的主要特色,其重要性及必要性一直被科學教師或科學教育學者所接受與推廣。而國內一般教學評鑑或一般重要教學能力的研究雖然已有相當的成果,但較少有研究直接針對實驗教學的教學能力。本研究調查比較三個不同族群,「學者專家」、「優秀教師」與「職前教師」,對實驗教學能力重要程度之評估,並分析比較三個族群對重要實驗教學能力的評估。本文提出中等學校生物科實驗教學的「實驗教學能力表」,共七位實驗教學向度與45項實驗教學能力。研究發現實驗室安全的維護能力與實驗活動後引導討論的能力,是三個族群所共同認為重要的教學能力。此外,也發現「學者專家」組較強調的理論及理想,而教師族群則重視實務及現實。另外,研究結果顯示「學者專家」組較為重視對實驗活動單元意義了解的能力,而三個族群卻相同的將生命科學與其他科學相互應證的能力,列為較不重要的教學能力。
Laboratory instruction is a unique activity for science education. Its importance and necessity has been long accepted and advocated by school teachers and science educators. Effort of research on instruction evaluation or teaching competency has brought some result in Taiwan. However, few of research directly address on teaching competency for laboratory instruction. The study investigated the opinions about the importance of teaching competency for laboratory instruction. Three sample populations, University professors, distinguished teachers, and preservice teachers, were surveyed. The paper proposed a table of important teaching competency for laboratory instruction, including seven categories and 45 items of teaching competency. The emphasis of teaching competency for the three populations was compared and application for the result was discussed.
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