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Title: 生死學教學內容的需求評值之初探
Other Titles: The Pre-exploration of the Evaluation and Improvement of Life and Death Teaching Content--The Example of National Taipei College of Nursing
Authors: 曾煥棠
Issue Date: Apr-2000
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究是探討生死學不同工作經驗、面臨不同死亡經驗及不同學習動機的學生對生死學的學習動機及評值課程內容需要再加強的程度。以自陳問卷對上過生死學課的學生共433位進行調查,並以百分比、平均數、變異數、相關等進行統計分析,採內在一致性信度及專家內容效度,α值介於.78~.91之間。研究結果發現:1.學生認為教學內容大部分都適中。2.不同工作經驗及面臨不同死亡經驗的學生對生死學的學習動機有差異。3.不論普通班、在職班、有無面臨家人去世經驗的學生評值教學內容需要再加強的程度沒有差異。4.有無照護臨終病人經驗的學生評值教學內容需要再加強的程度有差異。5.學習動機不同,對生死學教學內容需要再加強的程度有差異。本研究可作為護理院校生死學教學內容修正及設計的參考。
The purpose of this study was to explore the difference of students' learning motivation and the needs of Life and Death Teaching Content in students' working experience, facing death of other's experience and learning motivation on nursing school. The subjects are nursing students that attending Life and Death Teaching Content in our school. The instrument administered was a scale developed by the researchers. The results indicate that: 1. Most students think suitable on Life and Death Teaching Content. 2. Learning motivation is difference in student's working experience and facing experience of death. 3. That increase the Life and Death Teaching Content has no difference in facing death of families' experience. 4. The increasing Life and Death Teaching Content has difference on students' of caring dying patient. 5. The increasing of Life and Death Teaching Content has difference in learning motivation. The results of this study can be applied for the teaching material about Life and Death Teaching Content, Death Education, Life Education and Life and Death Education.
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