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Title: 大學教師對推廣教育的承諾
Other Titles: Faculty Commitment to University Extension Education--Toward a Theoretical Construct
Authors: 杜娟娟
Issue Date: Oct-2002
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 「承諾」此一概念之研究,廣泛運用在許多社會科學領域,但是很少在成人教育及大學推廣較育領域中探討。本研究以大學教師的主體經驗出發,深入訪談大學教師 參與推廣教育工作的經驗與信念,研究結果呈現出大學教師面對推廣教育工作所經歷的角色衝突、同儕壓力、工作價值、困難與挑戰等主體經驗。研究結果同時將解 釋大學教師推廣教育承諾的的影響因素歸納為結構承諾、個人承諾、能力論、階段論等四種論點,並探出相對工作價值與絕對工作價值的區別,作為後續實證研究的 基礎。
The concept of commitment has been studied in many social contexts. However, only limited research has been done to test the concept of commitment as it relates to adult education and university extension. In this study, in-depth interviews with college and university faculty members have been undertaken in order to profile their experiences and beliefs regarding extension education. Our findings reveal that faculty must deal with role conflicts, peer pressure, challenges and difficulties when they participate in extension education. Based on the results, four perspectives explaining the key factors affecting faculty commitment to university extension are identified: structural commitment, personal commitment, competence and career stage. Moreover, the present study also demonstrates a distinction between relative work value and absolute work value, a fruitful area for further studies.
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