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Title: Studies on the Kinetically Equilibrium Potentials of Mercoury and Platinum Electrodes in Homogeneous Cells
Other Titles: 均勻電池中汞及鉑電極之動力平衡電位之研究
Authors: 林子方
Issue Date: Jun-1981
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 吾人曾研究具有汞及鉑電極的均勻電池。原先認為利用無應力的液態汞電極,這些均勻電池之剩餘電壓應短時間達成平衡,但實驗結果顯示雖然達成平衡時間為短, 但剩餘電壓並不為零。在此文中,也引進動力平衡電位的新觀念。另外既使在平衡下,從不同電極的不同電雙層構造之關係來看,大部分的剩餘電壓不應為零,此與 實驗結果吻合。
Several homogeneous cells with mercury and platinum electrode were inves igated. By using stress-free liquid mercury electrode, it was thought that the equilibrium could be reached in a shorter time and finally the residual potentials of the cells were zero. Although it took shorter equilibration time, the residual potentials were not zero. In this report the different magnititude of observed electrode potential are explained. A new concept of kinetically equilibrium potential (K. E. P.) which differs from the concept of thermody-namically equilibrium potential (T. E. P.) is also introduced. An inevitable conclusion that most of homogeneous cells have non-zero residual potentials can be drawn from different structures of electric double layer for different electrodes even in the equilibrium state.
Other Identifiers: 3B7C1721-1C9B-791A-6A21-10B2B893F03D
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