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Title: 電子電路故障檢修評量模式研究
Other Titles: The Skill Evaluation Model of Electronic Circuits Troubleshooting
Authors: 莊謙本
Chien -Pen Chuang
Issue Date: Oct-1997
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 電子電路故障檢修 (Electronic Circuit Troubleshooting) 是電路技術教學中最複雜的技能單元 (Complex Adaptive Skill)。其評量模式歷來主要採用「觀察法」(Observation of Performance) 以斷定檢修的結果是否恢復系統功能。唯在評量技術電腦化 (Computerized Evaluation) 的過程中,必須以客觀且及時的方法代替主觀的觀察法。本研究為探討電腦化技術評量的可行性,從相關理論到實務評量均加以分析。理論部分包括行為決定理論 (Behavioral Decision Theory)、能力本位技術評量理論 (Competence-Based Skill Evaluation Theory) 與模糊綜合評判理論 (Fuzzy-Based Comprehensive Assessment Theory)。實際評量部分以一般電子電路故障現象診斷為基礎,並以彩色電視機電路代表類比電路,以微電腦代表數位電路,探討其故障檢修評量方式。最後探討電腦化評量在電子電路故障檢修評量的可行性。其關鍵技術乃在評量的判斷邏輯與界面電路的功能,只要評量系統建構完成,大小系統均可實施電腦化技術評量。
Electronic circuit troubleshooting is one of the most difficult learning unit in studying electronic technology. It needs solid foundation in electronic circuit theory, electronic component characteristics and mastery of troubleshooting instruments. The traditional method of evaluating the troubleshooting performance taken by teachers and trainers was the "Observation Method". But the advantages of objectivity and real-time of computerized test may take place the traditional subjective methods. This paper investigates the feasibility of computerized troubleshooting skill test both in theory and application. Three theories pave the foundation of computerized skill test: Behavioral Decision Theory, Competence-Based Skill Evaluation Theory and Fuzzy-Based Comprehensive Assessment. The Behavioral Decision Theory can be used in the decision-making of troubleshooting. And the Competence- Based Skill Eval-uation Theory can be applied in the construction of weighted item bank. For the theory of Fuzzy-Based Comprehensive Assessment, it can be applied in evaluating the process of troubleshooting. Color TV and microcomputer were taken as typical examples for the discussion of troubleshooting evaluation. It is found that the computerized skill test is feasible in small logic circuit. And it will be applied to the big-ger systems such as televisions and microcomputers if the assessment logic and interface circuits are well designed.
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