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Title: Using Predictable Books to Teach Writing in an English as a Foreign Language Setting
Other Titles: 運用可預測的書教導兒童外語寫作
Authors: 邱麗珍
Issue Date: Aug-2008
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本文旨在探索國小學童在英文基本文法、造句與段落寫作方面的潛力。本研究乃為期12 週的英文寫作課程,學童透過閱讀4本可預測的書,從閱讀可預測的書開始,再模仿書中的句型創作3本可預測的書,待學童有幾次寫作的經驗後,教師就引導學生 寫一個段落,最後的目標是讓學童能獨立完成段落寫作。可預測的書具有生活化的語言,結構性的內容,且重覆主要的句型,讓讀者可預測故事的情節,是引導初級 寫作的入門書籍。本研究的樣本包括4個班級共130位 (64名女生,66名男生) 國小五年級的台灣學童,其在學校學習英文的時間有4年。本研究採準實驗設計,其中兩班共67名學生被分配到實驗組,另兩班共63名學生則在對照組,資料的 收集是透過前測、後測、開放式的問卷和學生的作品。結果發現實驗組的寫作技巧有顯著進步;另外,根據實驗組在前測的成績,將學生分為低、中、高三組,分析 的結果發現低組學生在本研究中獲益最多,低組的學生在總分和造句方面比中、高組有顯著進步,中、低組學生在基本文法和段落寫作表現相近,其進步幅度均勝過 高組,本研究建議使用可預測的書能提升學生的外語寫作能力。
The purpose of this study was to explore students' writing potential in three areas: basic grammar, making sentences, and writing a simple paragraph. It was conducted during a 12-week writing instruction course using four predictable books which contained familiar patterned content, structure, repetitious sequencing, and predictability. Students in this study were trained to write predictable stories by imitating the patterned structure in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classes. Finally, they learned to write a simple paragraph independently. The participants included 130 students (64 girls and 66 boys) from four 5th grade classes with four years of English learning in an elementary school in Taiwan. Two classes with 67 students were assigned to an experimental group while the other two with 63 students were members of a control group. Data was collected from a pretest, a posttest, an open-ended questionnaire, and writing samples. Both quantitative and qualitative analyses were used. The findings revealed that writing skills of the experimental group were significantly improved. In other words, writing instruction in this study was efficient. It was also found that the low proficiency group benefited most in this study. The lower group students made the most progress in making sentences and in their overall learning. Both the low and the middle group improved more than the high group in basic grammar and writing a simple paragraph. This study suggests that the use of predictable books can enhance EFL students' writing abilities.
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