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Title: 《四庫全書總目》對賈誼《新書》的評述
Other Titles: The Comments on the Jia Yi(賈誼)'s Xinshu(新書) of the Siku Quanshu Zongmu(四庫全書總目)
Authors: 工藤卓司
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 《四庫全書總目》,不論在書誌學、文獻學或乾嘉學術思想的研究上,都扮演著舉足輕重的角色。乾嘉時期的學術,特 別稱為「乾嘉之學」,是由於反對根據己見解釋經書的宋、明性理學,而盛行漢、唐以來「訓詁學」為基礎的「考證學」、「考據學」。相對於「宋學」,此「考證 學」、「考據學」稱為「漢學」。那麼,乾嘉時期的學者如何看待漢代學術,尤其是漢代諸子?本文以活躍於西漢文帝時的賈誼與所著《新書》為例,探討《四庫總目》對《新書》的看法。自宋以來,《新書》等漢代諸子文獻多被疑為偽書,在書誌學、文獻學上長期受到冷落。《四庫總目》卻認為《新書》「其書不全真,亦不全偽」。《四庫總目》為何下此結論?本文經由討論乾嘉時期的知識份子─盧文弨、汪中與袁枚、姚鼐思想的關係,而印證《四庫總目‧新書提要》的看法是將宋學與漢學折衷,並試圖釐清《四庫總目》背後帶有解消「門戶」的政治意圖。
The Siku Quanshu Zongmu (四庫全書總目) plays an important part in bibliography, philology and research on the studies and thought in the Qianjia period (乾嘉時期). Studies in the Qianjia period are called “Qianjia zhi xue (乾嘉之學).” They objected to the Song-Ming Xinglixue (宋明性理學) based on their own interpretation of the classics, and the so-called Kaozhengxue (考證學) or Kaojuxue (考據學) based on the Xunguxue (訓詁學) that were popular in the Han-Tang (漢唐) period. Accordingly the Kaozhengxue or Kaojuxue is called Hanxue (漢學) against Songxue (宋學).How did the scholars in the Qianjia period react to the studies developed in the Han period? This article will take the case of the Xinshu (新書) written by Jia Yi (賈誼), who played an active part in the West Han (西漢) Wendi (文帝) period, and will search for the comments on Xin Shu of the Siku Zongmu (四庫總目). Since the Song period, the text of Zhu zi (諸子), which was written in the Han period, has been ignored in bibliography and philology. But, the Siku Zongmu thought that the Xinshu‘ was not all original, and so was not all imitation.’ Why did the Siku Zongmu reach this conclusion? This article will prove that the Xinshu of the Siku Zongmu advocated a compromise between Songxue and Hanxue by an analysis on the thought of four intellectuals of the Qianjia period. The article also aims to clarify if there was a political purpose that broke off a ‘faction’ in the descriptions of the Siku Zongmu.
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