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Title: 宋祁對韓愈的接受
Other Titles: Song Qi's Reception of Han Yu: A Discussion Centered on the Value of Innovation, Source Tracing, and Literary Revision
Authors: 謝佩芬
Issue Date: Mar-2011
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 韓愈文學史地位崇高,廣受宋人重視,相關論述亦多。學界成果豐碩,但於宋祁對韓愈之接受泰半偏重《新唐書‧韓愈傳》之比較研究,仍有續加探討空間。本文以重視創新、探求淵源、校改文章為中心,具體分析宋祁評說韓愈「新語」、「卓然不朽」、「古人意思未到」、「自名一家」之意涵與原由,並考辨新、舊《唐書》關於韓愈古文淵源史料,理解宋祁刪除梁肅資料用心,最後以宋祁校改韓愈作品例證,知曉改修情形、利弊得失,藉此掌握宋祁對韓愈接受之觀點與心態。
Han Yu holds a high status in literary history, receiving extensive attention from Song Dynasty historians, and arousing many relevant discourses. Involved academia has achieved fruitful results from studying Han Yu. However, Song Qi's reception of Han Yu mostly paid particular attention to the comparative study of "Han Yu's Biography" in the New Book of Tang, still leaving room for further investigation. This paper focuses on the value of innovation, source tracing, and literary revision, and concretely analyzes the meanings and reasons behind Song Qi's comments on Han Yu, such as "new expressions", "eminent and immortal", "the ancients did not get the idea", and "create one's own characteristics" and discerns the original historical materials regarding Han Yu in the New Book of Tang and Old Book of Tang to determine the intention of Song Qi's deletion of Liang Su's information. Ultimately, considering Song Qi's proofreading and correction of Han Yu's works as exemplary cases, this paper examines the revising circumstances, merits, and demerits to grasp Song Qi's receptive viewpoints and attitudes towards Han Yu.
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