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Title: 《說文》「假借」段注新箋
Other Titles: The New Discovery of the DuanZhu Xin Jian
Authors: 邱德修
Teh-Shiou Chiu
Issue Date: Oct-2007
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 乾嘉大儒段氏玉裁著《說文解字注》,其於六書「假借」多所發明,筆者教授文字學垂四十年,積此經驗,以為學者必須了解段說始掌握六書「假借」的菁。全文綱要如下,俾供參考:一、前言;二、段氏注「假借」之說解;三、段氏注「假借」之發明;四、段氏注「假借」之評議;五、「假借」之背景──本「無」其「字」;六、「假借」之門檻──依聲;七、「假借」之標的──託事;八、「假借字」奇遇記;九、結論。
Duan Yu Chai , the great scholar during the period of Emperor Chien Lung and Emperor Chin, wrote a book called “Shuo Wen Jie Zi Zhu.”Many “borrowed words” have been found in this text. This researcher has been teaching Chinese classical characters for forty years, and believes that anyone who wants to really get the essence of “borrowed words” should have a thorough understanding of Duan’s theory. The outline of this study is as follows: (1) foreword; (2) the explanation of borrowed words; (3) the invention of borrowed words; (4) commentaries on borrowed words; (5) the background of borrowed words— no characters at first; (6) the condition of borrowed words; (7) the target of borrowed words; (8) the promising situation of borrowed words; (9) conclusion.
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