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Title: 教師性別教育專業成長之分析研究
Other Titles: The Analysis of Teachers' Professional Growth in Gender Equity Education
Authors: 洪久賢
Issue Date: Oct-2001
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究旨在透過性別教育成長團體的互動,探討教師性別意識覺醒、反思、建構性別平等觀、落實性別平等教育之專業成長歷程,歸納研究結果,綜合研究對象之專業成長經驗,以供落實與推廣性別教育時,教師調適或改進教學之用。本研究發現研習教師參與長期性理論與實務兼具的專業成長活動,其融合女性主義教育學、性別平等教育理論、知識與生活經驗,透過文獻閱讀、成長團體成員間合作反思、對話與互動、札記省思,及與研究者的互動,產生自我性別意識覺醒。雖然在自我解構與重建構性別平等觀的歷程中面臨挑戰、經歷掙扎,但藉由團體成員中的相互支持、信任,深層檢視性別角色社會建構歷程、自己性別認同形塑過程與教學的性別刻板化行為,體驗知行思三合一的成長經驗,促使彼此得以自我突破、重新定位、做自己的主人,增進對弱勢性別的關懷,在生活與教學中戴上性別的眼鏡看世界,感受到彰權益能,進而建構多元文化價值觀,並積極將性別教育融入教學。教師們組織成相互尊重、切磋砥礪的支持性成長團體,對教師的專業成長俾能有所助益。
The purpose of this study was to analyze the professional growth process of teachers in gender education through long-term in-service workshop. Twenty-five teachers totally completed the activity. In-depth interview, text analysis and class observation were used to understand the real condition of professional growth in implementing gender education. The collected data were analyzed by qualitative methods. The teachers performed great improvement in gender equity consciousness, reflective thinking, and implementation through attending the gender education professional growth workshop. The teachers reflected their consciousness in gender equity, and developed a gender-sensitive perspective to reveal unfair situations. The teachers could examine their instruction from the dimensions: content integration, knowledge construction, equity pedagogy and an empowering school culture. The effective strategies were: literature review and analysis, collaborative reflection, dialog, reflection journal writing, and the supportive community learning community.
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