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Title: 國民小學圖書資訊教師知能指標及現況之研究
Other Titles: A Delphi Study of Elementary Library Science Teachers' Information Management Competence
Authors: 呂瑞聯
Issue Date: Aug-2008
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 國小圖書館因人力、物力、經費不足,一直是國內圖書館事業發展中最弱一環,而人力資源缺乏為最關鍵因素。為改善人力資源之窘態,本研究採擷美英七國及我國 有關培育國小圖書資訊教師之文獻,綜合歸納成一份半結構式「國民小學圖書資訊教師知能問卷」,經由18 位學者專家三回合德懷術問卷調查結果分析,形成一份具13 項內涵及75 項知能指標之「國民小學圖書資訊教師知能指標」。並將此知能指標納入一份自編問卷中,實際調查全國國小圖書館,總計寄發2,607 份問卷,回收1,802 份,回收率69.12%,並獲得Cronbach α = 0.9848 信度。本研究知能指標的形成,具體描繪國小圖書資訊教師所應具備之知能內涵,可做為師資培育機構及相關學術單位培育是項人才之重要參考依據。
Universal access to information is essential to the promoting of a country's economy, improving its government's efficiency and enhancing its people's quality of life. Thus, developing citizens' competence in information-retrieval, that is, in their ability to efficiently access all available information, is a top priority for educational institutions. University libraries have been putting much effort into developing information literacy, and there has been obvious progress in recent years. However, elementary school libraries, which lack resources, have no way to set up training programs for the purpose of promoting teachers' competence in managing library information. The purpose of this project is to set up just such a program, one that would be an essential part of library-information teachers' professional development training. A review of the literature was undertaken in order to establish a theoretical framework for defining what we mean by competence in information management for Library Science teachers. Three-round Delphi techniques were used to collect the opinions of 18 scholars. Suggestions from the experts were reviewed and analyzed, and 75 Library Science teaching competence indicators were established.
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