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Title: 寫作討論對大學生學術性論文寫作品質及寫作歷程的影響
Other Titles: The Effects of "Conferencing" on the Writing Process and Quality of University Students' Academic Papers
Authors: 陳鳳如
Issue Date: Apr-2004
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究的目的在探討不同寫作討論形式對大學生學術性論文寫作品質及寫作歷程的影響,並進一步分析其實施成效是否因先前寫作能力的不同而有所差異,以及寫作 討論的對話內容,互動品質與影響因素。 研究對象取自逢甲大學教育學程之修習教育心理學的學生。首先經由語文、寫作能力及先前學術性論文的品質加以評估,並參酌任課老師的推薦,再輔以過去撰寫學 術性論文的經驗調查,評選出撰寫學術性論文之高寫作能力者三十六名及低寫作能力者三十六名。而後,逐一徵詢參與研究者的同意,方始確定參與研究對象。再依 先前寫作能力的高低將其隨機分派至「專家討論小組」、「同儕討論小組」,及不進行任何實驗處理的「控制組」,以力求三組之成員的能力水準及先前條件一致。 研究結果發現:「專家討論小組」在文字運用的能力、文體結構的表現、專業知識的展現及學術論文整體品質上,均顯著優於「控制組」,僅在文體結構的表現上優 於「同儕討論小組」;而「同儕討論小組」則在文體結構的表現及學術論文整體品質上,顯著優於「控制組」;「同儕討論小組」在探索、閱讀階段和整體寫作歷程 所費時間,均多於「專家討論小組」和「控制組」。更於寫作型態方面,實驗處理組別間之寫作型態並未有顯著差異,唯以高寫作能力者較多遞迴的寫作型態。另 外,「專家討論小組」的寫作討論進度明確且有效率,但討論氣氛較嚴肅,而「同儕討論小組」則有時會閒談,氣氛愉快而鬆散,較無法如期達成團體的預訂目標。
The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of the "writing conference" on the writing process and quality of university students' academic papers. The subjects, university students in "writing conference", were observed for 90 minutes each week for a period of eight weeks. The collected data include audio and video tapes of conference discussions, audio and video tapes of group activities, interviews with teachers and selected students, all drafts and final versions of selected students' essays, and term papers. The quantitative data obtained were analyzed by two-way ANOVA. The results showed that students from the "teacher-student group" and the "peer group," at all levels of writing skill, performed better than the control group in the writing of academic papers. It was also found that students in the "peer group" spent much more time in the writing process than students in the "teacher-student group" and control groups. The students in the "peer group" sometimes chatted more informally, while those in the "teacher-student group" always had serious discussions.
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